KFConsole has "Chicken Chamber'; reuses the heat to keep your chicken warm


Kentucky Fried Chicken has launched its official gaming console, the KFConsole. In partnership with Cooler Master, Colonel Sanders has created his most ambitious piece of technology to date: a computer that has a built-in mini-oven that will keep your chicken crispy and warm while you play.


Revealed in June of this year, this avant-garde piece of machinery has deemed too good to be true, believed to be a publicity stunt by both Cooler Master and KFC. As narrated in the video, when the odds were against them, they “looked at the stars and said ‘just watch me’”.



Inside, you will find an Intel Core i9, two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD, Asus swappable GPU slot, all this in a chassis that resembles the shape of the classic KFC Bargain Bucket, but from the future. Players will be able to enjoy their games in full 4K resolution, as well as have complete support for virtual reality games.



The patented “Chicken Chamber”, which sounds almost wrong to say out loud, apparently uses the natural heat and airflow system from the console to keep a few pieces of fried chicken warm while you enjoy your favorite video game. 


Curious about the KFConsole? Check out its full specs on the official announcement page.

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