LCK defeats LPL 3-0 in All-Stars Event, Deft and streamer YuxiaoC reign as 1v1 champions

▲ Source: Riot Games


The second day of the 2020 All-Stars Event for the LCK and LPL was full of events. The start was the clash between the LCK and LPL influencers. Through sharp macro, the LCK team took the victory.


Next was the finals of the LCK 1v1 tournament where Deft defeated BeryL in three games. Deft picked Gragas-Mordekaiser-Gragas in order while BeryL selected Poppy-Volibear-Brand. Deft claimed the win by winning the latter two games.


▲ Source: Riot Games


Following the LCK 1v1 tournament, the Superstar Showdown between the two leagues was held. The LPL starred gogoing, mlxg, Zz1tai, Weixiao, and Pyl while the LCK featured MaRin, Ambition, Pawn, PraY, and Mata. The LCK team had the upper hand in the beginning, but mlxg’s Jarvan IV had an amazing performance and carried the LPL team to victory.


In the finals of the LPL 1v1 tournament, YuxiaoC claimed the championship, defeating 369 in the semifinals and Karsa in the finals. YuxiaoC played Yorick and Volibear against Karsa’s Graves and Kayn. In both games, YuxiaoC played smart and claimed the win.


The final event of the 2020 LCK/LPL All-Stars Event was the clash between the two leagues’ all-stars. The first game was a blind-pick match. The two teams had to pick champions that were voted by the fans. The LCK team picked Camille-Graves-Nunu & Willump-Samira-Pantheon against LPL’s Jax-Lee Sin-Syndra-Draven-Thresh. In this game, Faker’s Nunu & Willump affected the whole Rift, helping Canyon’s Graves and Canna’s Camille scale. In 23 minutes, the LCK team won with a 32-9 kill score.


The second game was Nexus Blitz. LCK took the DPS check and LPL won the Scuttle Race. The third event in the game was the Prize Fight, where Faker’s Yone and JackeyLove’s Riven played the last game. As Faker won with a slither of HP left, the LCK side gained Stattik Shock. Through the buff advantage, LCK pushed ahead. As Canyon’s Aatrox scaled to a point that made him unkillable, 


▲ Source: Riot Games


The last game between the two regions was a draft pick match on the Summoner’s Rift. In this game, Faker and Canyon’s mid-jungle synergy was fantastic. Playing Irelia and Lillia, they gathered up 3 kills early in the game. Canna’s Pyke also picked up a solo kill in top lane. After that point, the kill score gap just continued to get wider. LPL’s last hope was Rookie’s Viktor that collected 6 kills, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the global gold gap of 10K. After winning a teamfight at the 27-minute mark, LCK destroyed the Nexus and ended the game.

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