Super Nintendo World reveals attractions, merchandise, and a Super Mario themed menu

After having to halt their original opening plans this past summer due to the pandemic,
Super Nintendo World Japan is finally opening its doors on February 4th, 2021. The permanent addition to Universal Studios Japan park, the land will include attractions, shops, and treats inspired by what is arguably the most iconic video game of all time. 

Though we’ve previously seen photos of the land in all it’s Mushroom Kingdom glory, this is the first time we’ve seen footage of it in action. 


Much like Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley, the land has you escaping to another world via a “transformative” entrance taking you into another place, in Super Nintendo World’s case, a warp pipe but of course! 

And of course what better welcome than landing yourself squarely inside Peach’s Castle? You’ll see some familiar paintings and hear some nostalgic tunes, as the theme from Super Mario 64 welcomes you to the park. 

The first activity Mr. Miyamoto introduced us to was the introduction of the Power-Up Band. The bracelet, available in multiple Super Mario character motifs, allows you to interact with specific elements throughout the land. These bands can be optionally linked to the official app challenging you to defeat Bowser Jr. by completing objectives within Super Nintendo World. Power-Up bands will require purchase on top of your theme park admission however no pricing details have been revealed yet. 

Though outdoors we got to collect some coins and unlock keys using the Power-Up Band, we soon trekked underground where the bands unlocked hidden images of Bowser and more. It’ll be interesting to see just how many interactivity locations the bands are tied to once Super Nintendo World opens. 

Exit through the gift shop? Don’t mind if I do. 1-Up Factory is the official merchandise shop for the land with a variety of product offerings including apparel, headgear, toys and more. I really appreciate that every mannequin is getting their Mario jump on. 

Mr Miyamoto seemed quite fond of the exclusive TokoToko Mario figure which moves along as you push him, no batteries required. 


Couldn’t talk merchandise and forget about popcorn buckets, which are crazy popular among collectors in Japan. What better shape than the Super Star to hold your Caramel Peach or Mushroom flavored popcorn? 

And speaking of mushrooms, we also got a glimpse of the official dining spot for the land, Kinopio Cafe which of course, is run by Toad and friends! Going to be honest, I was a little disturbed that so many of the dishes included mushrooms…

Now that you’ve fueled your tank you can hit the pavement literally, and enter Bowser’s Castle to take on Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. This AR supported ride will have you challenging Bowser and other baddies for the cup. This special course was built specifically for the park and even got it’s own trophy! 

The direct wrapped up here leaving me even more excited to visit. Though travel is obviously not an option for many right now, you’ll be happy to know Super Nintendo World is coming to three additional locations in the next few years including Universal Studios Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore. 

If you want to give the Nintendo Direct video a watch for yourself, it’s available below. 


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