Fanart Friday 12/11: Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 has finally arrived, and with it a tidal wave of sketches, renders, and cosplay. A popular aesthetic, cyberpunk allows artists and creators to blend organic with tech; truly letting their minds run free in a way not many other genres can accommodate. But you don’t want to hear me talk, you’re here to see some great images! 




We start off the feature with this incredible V cosplay from Katfromrivia on DeviantArt. Obviously a massive CDProjekt RED fan, Kat looks straight out of the character creator. A nice blue glow emanates from her Samurai collar, and her undercut is spot-on. If you like her styling, make sure to check out her gallery as she did multiple Cyberpunk shoots, giving you plenty of V!



Wacom and Cyberpunk partnered for a fan-art challenge, focusing on the now-iconic jacket that V wears. We didn’t want to flood the article with only pieces from that, so we narrowed it down to our favorites, like this one from PaTXiNaKi. We liked seeing the denizens of Night City looking at the jacket, and getting a bit more atmosphere than simply a portrait piece. The details here are awesome, and the artist does a great job dealing with some challenging lighting.



This commission from NyutaValerius is absolutely stunning. Nyuta’s work has always been across-the-board beautiful, and this piece of V is no different. Blending traditional mediums to create a piece full of vibrancy and texture, this piece really stands out. Whoever ordered this commission definitely is a lucky person!



Inspired by Cyberpunk 2077, this digital painting comes from artist eddie-mendoza on DeviantArt. A series of locals gather around a futuristic lowrider vehicle that’s bouncing up on its hydraulics. This frankensteining of the car is mirrored across the citizens, each augmented or harnessed with technology. Even a cyber-dog watches on. Overall, the tone and message of this piece made it enough to put on the list.



This art is breathtaking. There, got that out of the way. But, seriously, this is an awesome piece from ChrissuChriss. We love the sketchy linework of this, adding a bit of grunge to this portrait of Johnny Silverhand. The overlay of the city and neon is also appreciated, adding a sense of atmosphere to the artwork’s graphic style. 



Created as part of the Night City Life project, this digital painting from EvaKosmos is something we’d gladly hang on a wall or use as a mobile wallpaper. There’s a wonderful sense of motion in the piece; rain reflecting neon as it falls from the sky. There’s also an elevation of V in this artwork that is incredibly successful. We feel their power as everyone stares at them as they walk down the avenue. Very well done!



Now for something completely different! This manga-stylized artwork from SON-ofa-JAY caught our attention in our timeline. The artist uses the Cyberpunk color palette to great effect, the cyan and yellow lending themselves to the unnatural tech elements of the character, while the electric pink ties in the game’s branding. The remainder of the character is shaded and colored in greys, leaving us to wonder if the only value one possesses is their enhancement.



Finally, what would our list be if we didn’t include this look from Cyberpunk 2077’s official cosplay contest grand finale!? In this look, Yugoro delivers a look inspired by the brand Chromanticore (if you’re not familiar with the controversial character’s look, the video Yugoro made will perhaps shed some light on the matter). Featuring an LED paneled jacket and detailed cyberwear makeup, this cosplay had to be on our list.


Hopefully, you’re now ready to dive into Night City yourself! If you enjoy the highlights of the collected art, check out all the pieces we gathered here. As always, feel free to let us know what games you’d like featured in future #FanArtFriday articles by tagging us on social @invenglobal! 

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