Nintendo announces Sephiroth as the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character

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At the 2020 Game Awards, Nintendo announced yet another Smash Ultimate character, Sephiroth,  the main antagonist from Final Fantasy VII. Sephiroth marks the fourth new character added throughout the year, following Fire Emblem's Byleth last January, Arms' Min Min this June, and finally Minecraft's Steve this October. Sephiroth will also be featured in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, Part 2, which has split the original title into multiple sections for a segmented rollout.



Nintendo hasn't yet announced when Sephiroth will be playable, but they will hold a virtual conference with Nintendo Director, Mr. Masahiro Sakuri, On December 12th, 2pm PST, where he will announce Sephiroth's release date and other details about the playable character in Smash Bros Ultimate. 


You can watch the official Sephiroth trailer on their YouTube here.



Sephiroth is not only the primary antagonist of FF7, but is wholly considered to be one of the most formidable and iconic antagonists in the entire Final Fantasy franchise. In the Kingdom Hearts series, which combined the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy, players have an optional side quest in the form of a battle with Sephiroth, who is consistently stronger than every other enemy in the game. Smash Ultimate will mark Sephiroth's second crossover title following the KH series. 


In Sephiroth's announcement cutscene, he is shown fighting multiple members of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, and most significantly, stabs unofficial Nintendo posterboy Mario straight through the heart with the incredibly long blade of his Masamune. The One-Winged Angel's actual moveset has yet to be seen, but if his fighting style is anything like his announcement cutscene, it will be similar to Sephiroth's approach in animated film sequel Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. 



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