Activision Blizzard's silence regarding the state of Hearthstone speaks volumes

Source: Blizzard Entertainment


Less than a month after the final Hearthstone expansion of the year, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, went live the game's passionate, dedicated, and vocal community is up in arms. No, there isn't a specific card or class dominating the meta that has the official Hearthstone subreddit busting at the seams with anger (though some would argue Demon Hunter is a little too strong at the moment). Rather, it's those at the tippy top of the game's food chain, Activision Blizzard, drawing ire from every which angle.  


After reworking the way players earned in-game content and cosmetics a month ago via a revamped progression system, members of the community calculated that players actually needed to play the game more to earn similar or fewer rewards than in previous patches. That didn't sit well with the vocal minority of the game's playerbase. Overnight, they took to Reddit and social media to make their frustration known, demand change, and vent with others.


The game's creators notified the playerbase in a statement less than a week after the expansion went live that they were working to make some changes to reward players who dedicated their time to the game they love in an attempt to douse the growing flame. It appears they used gasoline to put out the fire.


In the two weeks since the original statement, the game's community hasn't stopped bombarding content creators, developers, online forums, and Blizzard themselves with messages expressing their frustration. No stranger to controversy, the company has remained quiet since, letting their public-facing employees field the dozens of hateful messages they receive daily for something they had no part in. Despite working behind the scenes to create a balanced game and come up with new content, developers receiving the brunt of the vitriol have nothing to do with how the game is monetized.


Even an attempt at a light-hearted Ask Me Anything was announced last week but quickly canceled after the event was flooded with hate messages.





As the vitriol shows no end in sight and Activision Blizzard hasn't made a follow-up statement suggesting that their previous attempts at damage mitigation fell short, one question remains: what's their next move?


Do they hope Father Time is their ally as the playerbase tires themselves out screaming into a void? Will a complete overhaul of the overhauled progression system even suffice at this point? Would crediting players gold/in-game content help reduce the swelling of the bulging red vein on the forehead of the vocal minority? Or are those on social media and posting on forums just that: the vocal minority that Blizzard knows is such a minute portion of their playerbase that they know they can't please no matter what they do?


An answer to the questions above will likely come within the next couple of weeks before members of the company leave for a holiday break, leaving a lump of coal or a shiny present under the player base's burning tree.

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    level 1 K79890


    It because Blizz knows what they did is nothing wrong. People are just being whiny cucks because it finally became semi paid for as a title and people are used to it being free for more than 90%. Im sorry people have to pay for someone's artistic creation, but they can gobble and choke on that cheese with their whine...

    • 2

      level 1 Wade


      I disagree. I botted gold cap for almost 2 years and spent over $400 on the game without collecting well over half of the legendaries and epics. Essentially I had to start paying even more to keep up with 4 expansions a year if I wanted to keep playing. HS is fun but Activision Blizzard is greedy as f*** and I'm glad people are pissed because I would play the game if it didn't require $500+ a year.

    • 2

      level 1 mastodonj


      I'm quite happy to pay. For 80 bucks preorder I would like the full game, all the cards in the collection, battlepass, hero skins. Then it would be a fair price.. even though that adds up to 320 a year for a card game which I play on my phone... 🤔

    • 0

      level 1 GordonLove

      @K79890 Nothing wrong? So lying and trying to cover it up is nothing wrong? They told players this would be a better value for them, players did the math and it is FACTUALLY not better. Shutting down their France branch because their labor laws wont allow BLIZZARD to pay them next to nothing? Calling a game free to play that would require thousands of dollars per year to have a full collection?  People will pay plenty for quality. Calling people whiners for this just shows how out of touch you are.
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    level 1 Reynolt_de_Vos


    I personally really like the new rewards and achievements system. It feels much more fun and exciting. I don't know about if it earns me more or less gold than before, but ive only ever played for free, which i just love that this is possible about this game. I make legend most months this way (though usually don't bother to rank up after that.

    I have occasionally bought an extra hero potrait when i find one i like and i also feel that supporting the development of this game, that i love so much, is only reasonable. So i have bought the tavern pass and can't wait to unlock all the rewards on the adventure track!

    There's too much entitlement out there. There's a lot of work and creativity goes into developing and maintaining a game of this calibre. It's not unreasonable to monetise it in a fun and engaging way that offers mainly cosmetic rewards. It's still perfectly possible to be competetive whilst playing for free. The only greed i see is from those players expecting blizzard to run the game entirely as a charity.

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      level 1 GordonLove


      Well, if you look at blizzard/activision as a company, you'll see the same message across the board. Players aren't greedy for wanting to be able to play the game, in full, for $300+ every 3 months. Even at that price, you would be missing cards. It's not possible to be F2P and have a decent collection. The fact is, this new system was promised to be a better value for players than the one before. It's not,it's worse, they lied. Players are RIGHT to be upset. Did you BLIZZARD activision is attempting to shut down their french branch because the labor laws make them pay their people a fair wage? Did you know blizzard has lied about changing in game things before only to go the "monetization" route? WoW for the first time has real money paid for transmog gear. I could spend upwards of 1500 a year on HS and STILL not have everything. So why would I do that when i could upgrade my pc, buy a new console and about 10 games for the same cost. Calling players greedy? Cmon man, open your eyes.

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