Blizzard pulls Hearthstone AMA after community backlash

▲ There will be no questions answered by Yogg-Saron this time around. Images via Blizzard


An attempt at a light-hearted, community-driven event turned sour on Wednesday afternoon when Blizzard Entertainment's Old Gods Ask Me Anything (AMA) announcement was met with frustration from members of the Hearthstone community.


Earlier in the day, Blizzard's official Australian Twitter account shared the following tweet that has since been deleted:



A simple event aimed at getting players excited about the game's recent expansion, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, by having fans send questions for N'Zoth, C'Thun, Yogg-Saron, and Y'Shaarj didn't hit home for the playerbase in the same way. Shortly after the tweet went live, members of the game's community began blasting the post, expressing their frustration with the current monetization system and rewards structure that has been a hot topic in recent weeks.



Shortly after the post went live, it was removed. That didn't stop the original tweet from making its way onto the official Hearthstone subReddit where it gained even more traction. Blizzard has yet to issue a follow up comment to the original announcement.

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    level 1 K79890


    Can someone help me out here? I'm not understanding why all these players have an issue with the new system. Im loving it! I've been rewarded with WAY, WAY more gold, packs, legendary cards, and characters than I ever had in the past.

    Are people mad because of the $19.99 tavern pass? Why? The game is free to play already, and no one is forcing ANYONE to buy the pass or buy the like $80 expansion that was available for pre-purchase. Are people mad that the tavern pass wasn't included in the bundle or something?

    I just don't see why there's all this whiney cuck over a game...

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      level 1 K79890


      If its about money, then consider this. Blizard has only asked for about $100 worth, once this year:

      Microsoft Game Pass program costs $180 a year & you only get base games so you gotta pay for the extra DLC. If you only buy one games DLC, you've spent $200 to MS for one year.

      PS offers a choice of three subscription plans: $19.99 per month ($239.88 per year), $44.99 every three months ($179.96 per year), or $99.99 per year. So play station basically forces you to dropp $99 all at once if you don't want to over pay for the year, and then also charges for add on/DLC content.

      The last time we had a new hearthstone content was earlier in 2020 if not back in 2019. So blozzard asked for $100 of your money for one year of work. Thats already $20 cheaper than PS network (if you only buy DLC for just one game) and about $80 cheaper than Microsoft (again, if you only grab the DLC for just one game).

      I don't see where blizz has gouged any harder than any other company out there for gaming right now.

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      level 1 Dinodude239


      a. Yes, it is ridiculous that when you pay 80$ to get not even all the cards in a card set, and then STILL have to pay another 20$ to get extra XP to get gold and packs to get your missing cards, even when they said there will be an extra 35 cards later in the expansion.

      b. No, you probably aren't getting as much gold. While yes, it does give you packs and hero portraits, watch or read any source and you'll see the problem with this system. Solem, Regiskillbin, Dekkster, and Zeddy have all made lengthy videos. Hearthstone Mathmatics did the math, feel free to watch their video (yes, Hearthstone hotfix did help with gold, but again gold vastly varies player to player).

      c. Free to play is very different in Hearthstone. Yes, you can technically open all the cards, but getting these packs require you to play a lot and the Basic and Classic card sets just aren't competitive or fun. Again, Solem has touched on this a lot. The best and often fun decks require specific legendaries and epics free to play players don't have, and only real chance to be competitive is playing hyper aggro face decks ( and even then, you'll get destroyed by people with legendaries that aid in face decks).

      d. I don't even know where you got your information for your last few paragraphs. For starters, Playstation Plus is 60$, on sale for 45$ for one year, and this includes 24 ps4 games over 12 months (2 a month). So, choose between 24 free FULL games and access to playstation online, or about 85% of one hearthstone expansion...which won't be in standard in 2 years.

      e. Again, don't know where you got this information. This is the THIRD expansion this year (Ashes of Outland and Scholomance Academy came before this year). So Blizzard has asked for 260$ this year, and yet again, YOU DON"T GET ALL THE CARDS FROM THIS!

      So no, I don't think there the worst company in the industry, I buy every 80$ bundle to stay competitive, but this battle pass system is slow and not effecient for players and brings forward the vicious problem of just how expensive Hearthstone is compared to other titles.

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      level 1 Kakashe_Blaq


      Uh. You are Def lying about game pass. I have it. They do NOT charge you for additional DLC. I'm literally looking at something like 30-40 games in their complete edition status as I'm typing this. Do you have game pass? Because if you did you would have thought that part through

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    level 1 Alex_Juvion

    Glad to be a part of this community-driven event through this blog organized by Blizzard Entertainment's Old Gods Ask Me Anything.

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