An 8-year old Fortnite player just signed with a new esports team for a $33,000 signing bonus

Source: Team 33


Emerging esports organization Team 33 made its first signing announcement on the afternoon of December 3, 2020. Joseph "33 Gosu" Deen, an eight-year-old Fortnite player, has signed a contract with Team 33 that includes a $5,000 gaming PC setup and a $33,000 signing bonus. 


Team 33 has been training and developing 33 Gosu since the age of 6, and two years later, player, family and team has decided that it is time to take things public. Even for the relatively young competitive Fortnite space, 33 Gosu is extremely young and will be unable to represent the organization in certain ways, but for the meantime, the organization is invested in his future as the next Fortnite star.


"We have secretly been scouting talent for our roster and games over the last few years and are proud to officially sign Joseph," Team 33 CEO Tyler Gallagher told PR Newswire. "We made it a point to train him over the past few years because young gamers are the future, and we want to start training them early." Inven Global has confirmed this information with Team 33. 


Team 33 has worked closely with 33 Gosu's family every step of the way, and as a Hollywood-based organization, is aware of potential labor law violations in the state of California. In May 2019, FaZe Clan ran into legal trouble after claiming "H1ghSky1" [full name unavailable to the public] was old enough to stream — age 13 — when he was actually 12. 


Team 33 would certainly want to avoid a H1ghSky1 type situation, so look for 33 Gosu to start establishing a presence where he is able at his young age as Team 33 continues to focus on the long-term and develop him for the competitive future.  


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