[Genshin Impact guide] Unreconciled Stars Event: Best tips for efficiency

To all Genshin Impact players, new and old, the first major in-game event is currently live and one that is definitely worth your time. While it is only available to players who have reached AR20 and above, regardless of your current progress in the story, you can participate in the event as long as you meet that minimum rank.


The event will be activated from the events page on your game menu once you reach AR20. To those free to play, the large benefit of completing this event is that you will receive the 4* character Fischl, who is currently one of the best electro type damage dealers in the game.


Another benefit is that completing the various events (at the cost of resin for some events) will earn you event currency which you can use to purchase character ascension materials and talent skill up materials. The amount of resources gained through this event for the resin cost much more efficient than farm the standard domains and bosses. It also has a very engaging story, so it definitely should not be missed!



A few tips before you start



There are three parts to the event which were sequentially accessible since the event started, all are now live. Each event has different objectives for completion and provides different rewards as a result (I will go into more detail for each section later). Upon starting the event, you will have to complete a series of quests to eventually reach a point where you are simply farming the objectives for each section for event currency. However, there are some details that can be found by navigating through the event menu that some players may miss while rushing through the event. Here a few of those details that all players should be aware of prior to starting the event:  


  1. Certain characters have an increased damage while participating in event tasks. See image below for details. This is more so beneficial for the second and third sections of the event as they involve timed battles to complete. 

  2. There are additional quests corresponding to each of the 3 event sections that will provide additional event currency, primo gems, and mora upon completion. These are all very easy to complete, but note that you must have explored the Liyue region to complete some of these quests. 

  3. Fischl is available by accessing the bottom right icon on the event menu page. Obtaining her requires completion of 3 challenges during the event. Again, you should have explored all areas in the Liyue region to complete all the tasks required to obtain Fischl.

Unknown Star — Overture


The first part of the event, known as Unknown Star — Overture, is basically a scavenger hunt for meteorite shards. As you can see from the screenshot above, there are multiple tasks to complete for this section. There are a series of quests to complete prior to receiving access to this tasks list, I will not go into details in the quests to avoid providing spoilers to this side story, but they are very easy to complete. Once you do complete this side story, you will be able to explore different areas in Mondstat and Liyue to collect Meteorite Shards as shown in the screenshot below. The shards are scattered all over the world map, the only way to locate them is by searching the areas circled in blue on your mini-map.   



As mentioned before, the shards collected in this event are the actual event currency needed to purchase items from the event shop, Falling Star’s Might. Notable items are the elemental fragments required for character ascension. Buying all of these fragments should be a priority for this event. After buying all, you can purchase the adventurer experience items or Mora as needed. 



Some items to note with this event:


  1. The meteorite shards will emit a buzzing sound when you are near. Learning this sound will help locate the shards easier. If you wear headphones while playing you can hear it more clearly.
  2. When you are near the shards, the gem on your character's belt will glow blue, this is also a good visual aid to help you locate the shards easier.


Star of Deceitful Dreams



The second event, Star of Deceitful Dreams, is basically another form of Ley Line Blossoms which require you to battle and defeat enemies within a specific range under a specific amount of time. Similar to the first event, there are a series of easy quests to complete prior to reaching the main objective of this event. Once the quests are complete, Mona will be located near the teleport marker above Falcon Coast. Speaking to her and selecting the first option will lead to her adding 4 Meteorite Strike Zones on your world map indicated by blue circles as seen below.



Traveling to the blue circles provided by Mona will lead you to Meteorite Remains as shown below. Upon activating the remains, you enter a timed battle very similar to the battles when activating a Ley Line Blossom. The only difference here is that you must defeat the enemies within the area designated to earn points to complete the task. The faster you can defeat the enemies the faster you can clear the meteorite remains before moving to the next one. After clearing all 4, you can return to Mona and she will add 4 more to your world map. Each cost 20 resin but will provide shards as a reward. The amount of meteorite remains you clear is tracked via the event page, and you will receive rewards as you clear more remains. Although it costs 20 resin, this will net you more shards quicker than hunting shards in event 1, so I recommend clearing the Remains so you can obtain fragments a lot quicker and ultimately complete the event tasks earlier for the great rewards. 



Star of Destiny


The third and final event is the Star of Destiny. This is definitely the most difficult of the three, but it provides the best rewards. Again, like the previous two events, the story continues with a series of quests to complete eventually leading to a trip with Mona to a very large meteorite off the Falcon Coast. This is the final stage of this event and is located on your world map as shown below.



When arriving at the large meteorite, you will have the option to start a battle. This is similar to a Ley Line Blossom but with much more enemies at a higher level depending on your World Rank. The objective is to defeat enemies to earn Celestial Energy, then submit that Celestial Energy different areas that arise near the meteorite during your battle. The amount of energy is tracked at the top of the screen by a progress bar, and you must fill it before the timer expires.



This must be done as enemies continuously spawn and potentially interrupt your submission, so it does benefit to complete this mission with another player via Coop play. The mission also does provide different beneficial conditions randomly that will increase your attack or the submission rate of your energy, but it is still difficult to complete this solo. As this costs 40 resin to complete, it is similar to a world boss/domain fight and you will receive 50 of this event currency called Fading Star Essence, 200 adventure exp, and 30 companionship exp. Although difficult, the rewards are worth it as you are able to buy the talent skill books you would need to skill up multiple characters. 



One item to note, with the 50 essences you receive from completing this battle once, you can buy up to 12 talent books. At 40 resin per battle, this is much more efficient than farming domains at the same resin cost. That said, DO NOT waste any essences on the Ores! All of your essences earned should be used towards buying all the talent books and the single Crown of Sagehood as shown below.



I hope this quick guide has provided you with enough insight into how to approach this event. I personally believe this event was very well implemented and was entertaining to complete due to the engaging side story. In addition, it provided a more efficient use of resin than what we normally see during the daily grind of farming domains and world bosses. Hopefully, Mihoyo releases events in the future similar to this with a similar or better reward system. Good luck to you all and enjoy this content while it lasts!  

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