Top 10 games to look forward to in 2021

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Are you an obsessive gamer who is always looking forward to new games? If you just nodded your head, this post is sure to excite your senses! The post contains a list of games that gamers all around the globe are anticipating. 


Most anticipated PC games of 2021


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Besides, enjoy playing your favorite games the whole year long. Here is a list of top 10 games to look forward to in 2021:


Stronghold: Warlords 


Are you a fan of strategy games? As for me, I enjoy reading blog and playing games. If yes, the title "Stronghold" must be familiar to you. The franchise of this game is known for a long history of many game titles. From epic wars to traditional medieval battles, there has been a wide range. They even threw a bunch of mythical entities into some of the games. 


But in 2021, they have decided to take all the action to the Chinese medieval era. So, if you love playing medieval games, building a powerful empire and besieging, and creating castles, this upcoming release is for you. 


The game will feature some new features such as:


  • Castle defense game mode;
  • Single-player campaign;
  • Several new troops;
  • Co-op multiplayer mode. 

Sounds fun and intense action, doesn't it? 


Halo Infinite


Have you been awaiting another installment of the Master Chief's saga? Here's good news for you: it will release in early 2021. The creators have not disclosed the plot, in any case. They have only confirmed that the game will continue the story of the series. They also stated that the upcoming release would be "more human" than the previous one. 


So, keep your fingers crossed! 


Kerbal Space Program 2


Kerbal Space Program took the world by storm in 2011. It gained a huge fan base of space enthusiasts in a very short period. 


The developer of this game is set to release a sequel in 2022 which will use the same sandbox. But, the sequel will have several new features, such as:


  • Different modules for on surface building;
  • New propulsion methods;
  • Players may colonize new worlds;
  • New multi-player mode. 


These new features make Kerbal Space Program 2 one of the most hyped games of all time.


Dying Light 2


The sequel of Dying Light 2 will release in 2021. And, it is expected to be more exciting than the current version. A dreamy future will replace the contemporary setting of the game. Although parkour and zombies will still be there; the story will be more about the impact you can have on the world. 


So, get ready for this exciting release and make sure you have a timetable to follow because you wouldn't want you to shut it off and do your boring assignment. In a situation like this, students ask professional writers to write my essay for me.


Empire of Sin


This is yet another most expecting pc game for gamers who like management games - the mobster management! This includes turn-based battles where players fight with other gangs. They try to stop their followers from becoming STD drunks. They also take over businesses while squabbling. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? 


Vampire the Masquerade — Bloodlines 2


Have you been a fan of Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines ever since 2004? You have all the reasons to get excited for its sequel after around 16 years. The sequel is expected to release in the second half of 2021. It is said to be inspired by the World of Darkness that occurs in Seattle in the 21st century. It will have all the vampire clans the fans love from its current version. The gamers will play alongside the Nosferatu, the Venture, the Malkavians, and several more. All of them have various affinities and abilities. The game will be revolving around the conflict between these vampire clans. 


This game is best for individuals who enjoy role-playing or dark fantasy games. And it is definitely one of the highly anticipated games of 2021.  


Since there are still a few months for it to release, enjoy the original one till then

Evil Genius 2


This game was also first released in 2004 and gained a loyal fan base. Since it's never too late for anything, it's a sequel, which is about to release. So, get back to your plans of building an island lair and hiring an aide to do the bidding. Setting up traps and the silly schemes in the games are sure to take the players on a joy ride.


Everspace 2


Everspace 2 is another expecting ps5 game for gamers around the globe. In this game, you will play as a clone pilot that is wanted. This pilot is learning life lessons from its partners. This sequel involves a deeper story element of a sci-fi RPG narrative. It is expected to be more emotionally-charged than the original game. 


An Ion Fury expansion


The developer of this game has announced the expansion pack for its initial release is set to release in 2021. Few details have been disclosed though; the fans are still thrilled to hear the announcement. Thus, this is one of the top 10 games that is extremely anticipated in 2021.




This is another upcoming video game with open-world exploration. It is also expected to release in 2021 for Windows, Xbox Series, and macOS. In motion, the flat scenes of this game appear to be three-dimensional. 


The game doesn't include combat, and the puzzles are optional. Yet, it seems like there will be quite a lot to explore in this upcoming release. There will be more to it than giant skeletons and sandscapes. So, be ready to get lost in this breathtaking game in the year to come. First, it was scheduled to release this year; later it released was postponed till 2021. Hence, you can expect some major developments in the game. 


Waiting for some of these games can be hard for a lot of gamers. But, the good part is that some of the entries in the list are set to release early next year. In the meantime, if you haven't tried the original version of some of these games, it is a good time to get your hands on them. 

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