[UPDATED 12/3] FlyQuest completes 2021 LCS and Academy rosters, signing Dreams to FLY Academy


FlyQuest had an incredible 2020, making it to back to back NA Finals in both spring and summer, and qualifying for Worlds for the first time in the org's history. At Worlds, FlyQuest was stuck in a group with one of the Worlds favorites, Top Esports, along with the LCK second seed, DRX, and Unicorns of Love. FlyQuest upset TES at the end of their trip, delivering them their only loss of the group stage, but failed to even qualify for a tiebreaker despite finishing 3-3. Going into Season 11, FlyQuest has reportedly replaced all five members. Here is the current rumored FlyQuest 2021 roster.


Pos. 2020 2021
Top Solo Licorice
Jungle Santorin Josedeodo
Mid PowerOfEvil Palafox
ADC WildTurtle Johnsun
Support IgNar Diamond
H. Coach DLim  

Confirmed player signings are in green. Confirmed player departures are in strikethrough red. Transfers reported by reputable sources are in purple.


If these signings are all confirmed, then this will be the second big signing of Cloud9 players in a row after Evil Geniuses signed four last year (which included Matthew "Deftly" Chen). This big C9 buyout includes star top laner, Eric "Licorice" Ritchie, and C9 Academy mid, Cristian "Palafox" Palafox, and Academy support, David "Diamond" Bérubé. Flyquest is also rumored to be buying out Rainbow7's jungler, Brandon "Josedeodo" Villegas. Finally, they're rumored to be signing former EG Academy AD carry, Deftly, who would rejoin some of his former C9 members from 2019. Jacob Wolf did report that FlyQuest was still in the AD carry market, which could potentially mean Deftly ends up as the FLY Academy AD. This would mean the entire FlyQuest roster would be changed if the signings all go through. 


UPDATE 11/17: Travis Gafford has reported that Dignitas will be trading AD carry Johnson "Johnsun" Nguyen to FlyQuest. Should this deal come to pass, Johnsun would be the expected starter for FLY, which would put Deftly on FLY Academy. Longtime FlyQuest AD carry, Jason "Wildturtle" Tran's, future is currently unknown. 


Jacob Wolf corroborated Gafford's report shortly after, stating that Johnsun would start for FlyQuest over Deftly, the latter of whom was reportedly acquired in the deal that sent Lee "IgNar" Dong-geun from FLY to Evil Geniuses. 



UPDATE 11/19: FlyQuest officially announced the departure of both Santorin and WildTurtle. 


UPDATE 11/20: FlyQuest officially announced the signing of Josedeodo.


UPDATE 11/23: FlyQuest announced the official signing of the Cloud9 trio, Licorice, Palafox, and Diamond


UPDATE 11/24: FlyQuest has confirmed its acquisition of Johnsun from Dignitas to complete its starting roster for LCS 2021. 



UPDATE 11/25: FlyQuest have signed former 100 Thieves Next  jungler, Hoangan "Xin" "Nxi" Dinh. FlyQuest drafted Nxi in the 2020 Scouting Grounds Draft. 


UPDATE 11/25: FlyQuest has parted ways with head coach Lim "DLim" Joo-sung one day after assistant coach Anand "Curry" Agarwal joined TSM's coaching staff. FlyQuest's roster is complete, but its primary coaching staff positions are vacant. 


UPDATE 11/27: FlyQuest signed former C9 Academy AD carry, Frank "Tomo" Lam as their Academy bot laner.


UPDATE 12/1: Evil Geniuses has announced it is promoting Deftly from EG Academy to the organization's LCS roster, dashing any reports that stated Deftly would be heading to FlyQuest.


Because of FLY's acquisition of Johnsun, it was assumed that Deftly would play on FLY Academy should his reported transfer come to fruition. Instead, it looks like Deftly will start in the LCS for the first time since the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split as part of Evil Geniuses.


UPDATE 12/2: FlyQuest has announced the signing of top laner Colin "Kumo" Zhao. Kumo, who split time in 2020 between Evil Geniuses and EG Academy, will be the starting top laner for FLY Academy heading into 2021. 



UPDATE 12/3: FlyQuest has finalized their Academy roster, signing former Schalke 04 support, Han "Dreams" Min-kook. Their Academy roster is Kumo, Nxi, Triple, Tomo, and Dreams.


Check back here and on our Twitter below for more updates as news continues throughout the free agency period.




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