RunAway KAISER: "I want to thank Runner for cheering us up"

On March 7th, RunAway became the first team to reach the semifinals of Overwatch APEX Season 2. RunAway won against Lunatic Hai 3-2 after a close match, showing a solid defense with their tanks.

Below is the post-match press interview with Sang-hoon “KAISER” Ryu, who showed the most impressive gameplay with Reinhardt today.


How do you feel about winning today after going through all five sets? 

It doesn't really feel real yet. I can’t think of anything right now, but I know I’m really happy we made it to the semifinals.

A lot of people thought Lunatic Hai is going to win. Did you know you would win this match?

Yes. Lunatic Hai and RunAway have similar play styles, but we are more capable of playing different heroes than they are. I thought we could win this, and we did.

But there were times when you were losing the game. How did you manage to win?

Runner told us before the game “we can do this, guys.” We shouted “Let’s do this, RunAway!” and we felt less anxious. I really want to thank him for that.

Miro(Lunatic Hai) is known for Winston and KAISER is known for Reinhardt, but you were amazing with Winston today. Have you been practicing?

I’m aware of that. That’s why I’ve been practicing a lot with Winston.

It looks like you mostly play Reinhardt with his hammer, not with his shield.

I trust my teammates. They’ll manage to survive on their own. They have no complaints about my “unusual” Reinhardt play. I’m not good with heroes like Genji, but I am pretty good with Reinhardt’s hammer. I’ve heard Zenyatta is now strong enough to break through Reinhardt’s shield after his buff, but I guess that doesn’t really apply to me. [smiles]

Any last words?

A big thanks to my teammates for trusting my unusual Reinhardt, especially to Runner for having me in the team and helping me out with everything.

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