[Worlds 2020] Suning's silver lining: Bin's historic Pentakill

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Suning was competitive throughout the majority of its 3-1 loss to DAMWON Gaming, but seeing the team scratch out a win was emphasized by a historic moment courtesy of top laner Chen "Bin" Ze-Bin. Suning's game 2 victory was capped off by the first Pentakill in the history of the League of Legends World Championship finals courtesy of Bin's Fiora.


Bin had an excellent Worlds 2020, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of Suning's lone victory against DAMWON Gaming was the fact that everything leading up to Bin's climactic Pentakill was a team effort. Furthermore, the way Suning approached each situation within the game was not only exemplary of the team's style, but also of the factors of the team's identity at Worlds 2020 that saw the team exceed expectations throughout the event.


Let's take a look at the factors that went into Bin's historic Pentakill that led to Suning's sole win against DAMWON Gaming in the finals of the 2020 World Championship.


Source: Riot Games


If one was to look at the clip of Bin's game-winning Pentakill and his end-game score of 10/1/4, it would be easy to attribute Suning's only finals victory entirely to Bin's excellent Fiora play. However, Suning's response to DAMWON Gaming in the draft phase and the execution of the team's game plan as a whole were crucial factors in setting up Bin for success and the eventual leading of his squad to victory. 


DAMWON Gaming top laner Jang "Nuguri" Ha-gwon is known for his explosive carry play, but has shored up his play on low-economy tanks throughout the past season, specifically on the likes of Ornn. However, an early Ornn pick from DAMWON gave a free lane to Bin's Fiora, who could safely scale in a lane against a tank that would allow her to become Suning's win condition as the game progressed. 


In addition, Rengar was locked in for the first time at Worlds 2020 Suning jungler Lê "SofM" Quang Duy. The rest of Suning's composition was relatively conventional — Syndra, Leona, and the trademark Jhin of AD carry Tang "huanfeng" Huan-Feng — and gave the team a well-balanced composition in terms of damage spread and scaling. 


Despite falling behind early, huanfeng managed to have far more impact on Jhin than the Aphelios of Jang "Ghost" Yong-jun, the latter of whom had a significant gold advantage over his opponent for the majority of the match. 


Style of us


SofM's moniker might be an abridged version of Style of Me, but he could not be more selfless. SofM has made his Kindlegem-focused tank build his staple build on champions like Lee Sin and Shen, and in game 2, he did the same thing on Rengar.

Rengar, usually known for his capability of one-shot assassinations by indexing heavily into lethality, instead played the role of an obnoxious, slippery tank in the hands of SofM. SofM's ultimate goa was to annoy DAMWON and force the opponents to focus him while the carries of Bin, huanfeng and mid laner Xiang "Angel" Tao cleaned house in his wake.


Bin was the star of the show in game 2 against DAMWON, and throughout the event, huanfeng received praise for his arrival as a world-class AD carry after less than a full season in the League of Legends Pro League. However, SofM remains as the team's most important member and catalyst, and his Rengar performance was exemplary in his unique approach to the game and ability to create pressure without needing to prove to be an individual threat on his own.


Source: Riot Games


A convincing game 2 win for Suning would have been impressive in its own way, but the way the team had to battle to get its win, especially after a back-and-forth game 1 that lasted nearly 45 minutes, was more impressive in a variety of ways. Suning held the line against DAMWON Gaming, mitigating losses in the bottom lane by securing early game dragons and allowing Bin's Fiora to scale up against Ornn.


Despite being at a turret and kill deficit for the majority of the match, Suning never caved to pressure and made a desperate play. As the game dragged on, Bin's Fiora got further and further to its point of power, and once his third item came in, Bin was nearly untouchable on The Grand Duelist. DAMWON managed to delay a Cloud Soul for Suning for a single Cloud Drake, but after Suning secured the buff on its next attempt it started to gain the upper hand.


Suning's posture changed dramatically upon securing the dragon soul, suddenly pressing the area of the map around Baron Nashor without fear. Long, bloody fights would initially look in DAMWON's favor, but Bin would flank on Fiora to gain an advantage back for Suning when it mattered, and eventually, was able to help his team win teamfights convincingly and secure the Hand of Baron buff.


On the winning march to DAMWON's nexus, Bin threw split-pushing to the wind in favor of something a bit more exciting. Suning's top laner wrapped up the win neatly with a Pentakill on Fiora and brought the series to even at 1-1.



While DAMWON Gaming would go on to win the series 3-1, this series was far more competitive than the finals of the previous three World Championships. Suning's game 2 win was properly executed and well-earned in trademark fashion of what ended up making it the strongest Chinese team at Worlds 2020, and history was made with the first-ever Worlds finals Pentakill courtesy of Bin.



Suning made its mark on the Worlds 2020 stage in more ways than one, but its single win in the finals against DAMWON Gaming was exemplary of the team's style, flair, and the unique qualities that allowed the #3 LPL seed to exceed expectations throughout Worlds 2020. Losing in a Worlds final is a heartbreaking result, regardless of the expected outcome, but Suning made sure to put on a show before its curtain call and can walk away from Worlds 2020 with its held high.



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