Fan Art Friday: K/DA is ALL OUT

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K/DA just dropped their first-ever album, titled “ALL OUT,” so OF COURSE this week’s Fan Art Friday Feature is going to be all based on the members of League’s premiere girl group. We’ve got an excellent mix of art from the creative to the inspiring. 


"Candid" by Tigerjune


The first piece is this “candid” look at the ensemble hanging out at a cafe from Tigerjune on DeviantArt. Inspired by the K/DA Music social account’s behind the scenes imagery, we can see everyone enjoying some tea and cakes. Small details add to the characters, like the fact that Ahri has a picture of herself as her phone wallpaper, or Kai’sa’s Black Pink tee-shirt.


KDA ALL OUT Evelynn by RinRinDaishi

What happens when a godly artist decides to create fan art? You get this. Polish illustrator RinRinDaishi created multiple K/DA pieces, but our favorite is definitely this Evelynn. The lilac glow from behind the character reflects throughout the art, giving it a fantastical atmosphere. You won’t want to miss any of the characters rendered in Daisha’s style, so make sure to check the set out on the artist’s DeviantArt.

Kai'Sa the Baddest by emryn-art


Rocking their look from “The Baddest,” this Kai’Sa portrait stood out from the pack. With a slight film grain, there is something timeless to this piece, looking very fashion/editorial. We love the choice of emerald to tie the art together, reflecting through the background, hair, eyeliner, and jacket. Props to emryn-art for their amazing work! 


Fan-art K/DA Ahri by Idrilen

This Ahri created by artist Idrilen uses high contrast and low saturation to push the crystalline tail of the character. Ahri’s black outfit cuts a sharp silhouette, as well, with some beautiful detail work on the sleeves.


"Akali but her hair is down" by QTori

QTori asks, “y’all ever just think about Akali with her hair down?” Well, now we do. This casual take on the Akali still has her sporting her K/DA tiger-stripes, but also includes a three-part action. Additionally, we love the styling on Akali, featuring the oversized shirt with block graphic over a mesh top. This looks exactly what a K/DA Akali would wear to dance practice, or out for a quick bite.


K/DA MORE Evelynn by Glory Lamothe

We can’t do a fan art Friday without at least ONE cosplay, and it seems like more and more of the stand-out Riot cosplay we see is from GloryLamothe. Not only is Glory’s attention to detail unparalleled, but their composition is always on point. Look at the waves in Evelynn’s lashers! Impressive!


"KDA MORE Helmet" by dizoEX2

While not a specific character, we were blown away by this excellent 3D model of Akali’s helmet from the music video. It looks like it was stolen from Riot’s source files. dizoEX2 mentions in the image description that they may sell the model to cosplayers in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for this design, realized as more cosplays from “More” start appearing in your timeline!


"Seraphine POPStar" by MeiSyren

Finally, the bright and cheery featured artist on the K/DA track, Seraphine makes an appearance in this feature. This cute bust from MeiSyren is jam-packed with vivid colors and youthful energy. We love the detail spent on the hair in this picture, which is given awesome volume and shape, looking almost like fabric or frosting. 


To quote the song, “You look like you could use some more.” Check out an entire gallery of awesome K/DA art from some of your favorite artists, here! And don’t forget to let us know what game you want to see featured next week on #FanArtFriday!



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