E-Gaming Twitter responds to boomer Ducati K/DA announcement

How do you do, fellow kids?


Following the release of the newest K/DA single from Riot Games, Ducati revealed a partnership with League of Legends, designing a unique (digital) bike for Akali in the music video. While brand-crossovers are something most gamers are behind, the verbiage of the tweet indicated that Ducati may not be very familiar with the gaming scene, referring to League of Legends as a “legendary e-game.” 






With over 1,500 responses already, the majority are people screaming “E-Game” into the void, hearing it echo off the walls of out-of-touch brands trying to capitalize on the Gen Z market. However, some users commented with a bit more cleverness. Let’s celebrate them, shall we?





Some people tried to defend that E-gaming is indeed a real term, and they’re correct; it is. The problem, though, is that it’s a very antiquated term, on top of being almost extinct. It’s like how (before COVID) we could go to the “movies” just as easily as we could frequent a “motion picture house.” Google Trends shows that the search term “e-game” has dropped significantly since 2004, while terms like esports” are on the rise.



Some well-meaning folk also indicated that this could be a simple issue due to the character limit in the tweet. “Electronic Game” (while still off-meta for languages) is indeed much better than “e-game.” This leads one to wonder, why not delete one instance of “Ducati” to fix that character issue.



No matter your take on the term, we fully expect to see #E-Game in Twitch Chat at Worlds, right alongside #JusticeForSkarner.


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