[Worlds 2020] DWG ShowMaker: "It'll be more than exciting if we win [...] by beating an LPL team on their home ground."

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DAMWON Gaming took down G2 Esports in the semifinals of the 2020 LoL World Championship. It was sweet revenge for DAMWON Gaming as they reigned over the rivals that knocked them out in the previous Worlds. Mid laner Heo “ShowMaker” Su didn’t hide his joy as he spoke about the win in an interview with Inven on the next day. 



What did you think when you went to bed after beating G2 Esports?


At first, I was really happy. I was relieved that we were able to stay in China a bit longer and there was the delight that we got our revenge. It was even better because it was the same pattern as when we lost last year.


You said that you’re less nervous as you have more experience, but given the opponent was G2, there would have been some pressure. How was it in the game?


I was alright even just before the match started, but when it really started, I got really nervous. I really tried to stay focused. After winning game 3, the nervousness was nearly all gone, so I was able to enjoy game 4.


"BeryL was really nervous and worked up, so we had to keep telling him to be patient."

After winning game 1, you lost game 2 in which Nuguri played Fiora. How was the feedback after that game?


Fiora is a pick that’s really difficult, but Nuguri practiced a lot and he had the ability to carry his role well, so we picked her. There was a moment where Wunder’s Camille survived a 2v1. If we picked off that Camille, we would have won. So rather than having feedback about the draft, we just said that there were regretful moments in the game.

In games 1 and 3, evading Caps’ skillshots turned into a benefit and you dominated him in game 4, including a solo kill. How much do you think you contributed to your team’s victory in the semifinals?


I think everyone contributed equally, about 20% since everyone did well. To be more precise, I’d say Ghost was about 21% and BeryL was 19% [laughs]. Ghost doing really well was one thing, but BeryL was really nervous and worked up, so we had to keep telling him to be patient. BeryL still did really well, but since the bot duo is one, I’ll give the one that did a bit better the edge.

Three of the games were Twisted Fate vs. Sylas. How do you think the matchup is?


The detail is really important in Twisted Fate vs. Sylas. It’s a very sensitive matchup where a single auto-attack on a minion can make a difference to snowballing. It’s kind of like the previous matchups in Irelia vs. Jax, LeBlanc vs. Syndra — the better player has a chance. I’m confident in playing both champions.

BeryL’s Leona was great in games 1 and 3 too. Does DAMWON Gaming consider Leona’s tier highly?


BeryL likes champions that don’t have a reverse gear; champions that are beaten up once they go in, not being able to come back out [laughs]. Since our team mostly answers to a teammate going in, I think it’s a pick that suits us well.


"The detail is really important in Twisted Fate vs. Sylas. It’s a very sensitive matchup where a single auto-attack on a minion can make a difference to snowballing."

All of the players don’t hold back in thanking the coaching staff. How did they help you?


First, they make a comfortable pick and ban situation in which we can play comfortably. Besides that… There’s so much, but trying to think of it, I can’t really think of anything specific [laughs]. They’re really a huge help in so many things.

Only the finals are left. Are you fluttered or nervous about it?


I tend not to worry about things too much beforehand, so I don’t feel anything yet. I’ll get to know when I step into the stadium on that day. Anyways, now we don’t have any teams to scrim -- we’ll need to maintain our form through individual practice and stay calm.

DAMWON Gaming became the first LCK team to reach the finals in three years. Do you have any pride or patriotism that you’re representing Korea?


Obviously, I do. We’ll be representing the LCK in an international tournament -- Worlds, the biggest event of the year. It'll be more than exciting if we win the championship by beating an LPL team on their home ground.

Any last comments?


As much as we’re representing the LCK, I’ll take the game seriously with patriotism. I’ll do my best to show my best, so please cheer for us!


Source: Riot Games

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