[Worlds 2020] TES Press Conference: Karsa: "I really hope [SwordArt] becomes the champion."


Despite being favored to make it to the Finals, and despite their past victory over Suning Gaming, Top Esports failed in their semifinals rematch and have been knocked out of the World Championship. The series was defined by both junglers' famous Lee Sins, as well as the top laners' carry champs and the ex Invictus Gaming AD carries clashing on Ezreal and Jhin. After the series, the Top Esports players and coach spoke with the press about their Worlds run.


Watch the press conference here, or read the transcript below.



(To Crescent) How much did the drafts tonight affect the outcome of this series? What kind of feedback did the team receive after each loss?


Crescent: I think that side advantages weren’t as big as they may seem. The pressure was on us to play more aggressively on blue side, and we drafted team compositions that countered the enemy’s on red side.


(To Karsa) Given the long-standing relationship between you and SwordArt, is there anything you’d like to say to him at the moment?


Karsa: As I said previously, playing in Worlds finals has been a dream that we shared for a long time. Now that he’s in the finals, I really hope he becomes the champion.



(To Knight) This was your first Worlds appearance. What have you learned in your tournament run this year?


Knight: Since we were playing in China, there weren’t any particular hardships that we faced. I believe that just playing in this tournament really helped in my growth as a player.


(To 369) In game 3, you picked Renekton into Jax. While the matchup favors Renekton in lane, the pick unfortunately didn’t work out. Can you tell us how the laning phase went?


369: I just played terribly.


(To Crescent) SN is a team that TES previously faced on many occasions, so how do you think the team changed from then to now?


Crescent: Not only were they very confident, their synergy was very good tonight. It was a battle of mental fortitude and physical endurance, as all teams at Worlds are very good. We were able to experience a different playstyle than that of what we saw previously in the LPL, and learned that we need to improve our team synergy.


(To 369) The LPL top laners all have performed very well in this year’s Worlds. Can you share your thoughts on Bin?


369: Bin’s a really good player, and he was already very famous on the KR solo queue ladder. Now that he’s headed to the finals, I hope that he’ll win as an LPL representative, and really hope that he’ll choose Jax as his Worlds skin.



(To JackeyLove) What does 2020 mean to you?


JackeyLove: While I earned many different titles this year, I’m disappointed that I couldn’t receive the highest glory. However, as a team, I don’t think it hasn’t been that bad of a year. I want to thank them for all their hard work, and grind hard in 2021 as well.



All images via: Riot Games


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