Overwatch League meets streetwear: Hangzhou Spark custom outfit by Tthotobot


As the weather starts to cool down, layering once again becomes the forefront of Fall fashion. We have picked Overwatch League’s Hangzhou Spark as our point of inspiration for this sweater-weather ensemble, focusing on an easy way to style the clothes you have to make them look more stylish.


Layering comes in various forms with a lot of potential outerwear choices. This year’s emphasis has been on the crew neck hoodie layered over collared shirts. The simple concept paired great with the Hangzhou Spark’s color scheme of light pink and blue. 




I used simple iron-on letters and a pink crew neck and wore it over a white collared shirt for the top. The focus was to just represent the team’s city, Hangzhou, China, as most of the outfits in this varsity-style feature the names of cities or universities. 



In the last few months across social media, the combination of anime and fashion has been clearly visible. Merchandise sites are taking inspiration from a specific anime or manga they like and putting scenes of it onto their pants. Ever since Spark announced Mikoto Misaka (the protagonist from the anime A Certain Scientific Railgun which was influential in Hangzhou Spark’s logo and branding) as a partner to the team, the opportunity to experiment with this trend was clear to me. 


I used old spark imagery, their logos, and images of Misaka to fill up the front of some straight leg jeans. Pairing something this busy with the simple top and all white shoes seemed like a smart and clean idea. The blue of the jeans rounds out the Spark’s iconic light blue, light pink, and white color scheme. 


Accessories are one of the most important parts of fashion, and without it, outfits can be lackluster and feel incomplete. I paired clear acrylic chain earrings with a clear pink acyclic chain on the jeans to keep the outfit unified from top to bottom. The pink of the chain also helps bring the pink down lower and onto the pants in this outfit. All types of bags are having their moment in streetwear from crossbody to tiny handbags. I added a basic, black fanny pack across my body to utilize trendy bags and show another aspect of the Spark branding since my sweatshirt only represented the team’s city.



Esports merchandise often lacks trendy pieces, accessories, and simplicity. Simple branding can go far for fans who want to wear merchandise in their everyday life without it being extremely flashy or gaudy. A simple crew neck to layer for fall or a bag to use every day would be great pieces for fans to pick up. 


If you are looking for more Overwatch League inspired looks, you can check out Lina’s column.


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