[Worlds 2020] Pros and analysts predict the Worlds 2020 semis: "Unless DWG trips on their own legs, they’ll dominate G2"


The semifinals of the 2020 LoL World Championship is right around the corner. Many teams around the world have been fighting for their ultimate goal, the Summoner’s Cup, for nearly a month now, and there are just four teams left: Top Esports, Suning, G2 Esports, and DAMWON Gaming.


More than 5 million people participated in this year’s Pick’ems, and there are only 230 people left with a perfect score. For the semifinals, Inven Global reached out to some people with expertise within the scene for their predictions.


Source: Riot Games



TES 3-1 Suning

Top Esports has consistently had Suning’s number in the LPL, beating them 3-0 the last time the teams met. Although Suning has leveled up across the course of the tournament, I think that TES showed us an incredible degree of mental fortitude and skill to reverse sweep FNC.


G2 3-1 DWG

Definitely predicting a little with my heart over my head here. G2 looked unleashed in their series versus Gen.G, and they found a way to mitigate some of the key weaknesses that had shown up earlier in the tournament. DWG is an incredible team, and if it comes down to teamfights I think they are definitely favored, but if G2 can play the skirmish heavy style they showed versus Gen.G, they have a very real shot at taking down the LCK number 1 seed.


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TES 3-2 Suning

I thought that TES would win the World Championship this year, but they had some struggles on their way. But I still think that TES would win.

DWG 3-1 G2

I really like Nuguri’s playstyle, so I enjoy watching DWG’s games. But… DWG was always too dominant; the games weren’t that fun to watch [laughs].  Anyways, I think DWG would win, but since G2 is a pretty good team, they probably would be able to take a game away.


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DWG 3-0 G2 

I think DWG can defend well the way G2 plays when they win.


Source: Riot Games



Suning 3-1 or 3-2 TES

Looking only at the quarterfinals, I’d like to raise Suning’s hand. 3-1 or 3-2? There are things that TES gained through the quarterfinals, but they also revealed weaknesses. If they insist on picks & bans like their match against FNC, I’ll say that SN can take them. The jungler matchup is the most important here, and I think SofM is a better player than Karsa.

DWG 3-0 G2

There’s no doubt. Gen.G attacked G2 a bit sloppily, but DWG won’t have any of the sloppiness. Unless DWG trips on their own legs, they’ll dominate G2. Both teams are teams that five players cluster into one, but DWG’s level of completeness is much higher. I’d say DWG is at about 95% and G2 78%.

Source: Riot Games




Suning 3-2 TES


G2 3-2 DWG

If G2 knows what the opponents will play, they can easily adapt to their massive champion pools, and they are willing to play champions for the first time on stage to work with the draft. For the DAMWON series, it’s tough because both teams are coming from a 3-0 win, so I think it might be a five-game series. 





TES 3-0 Suning


DWG 3-0 G2

DWG has been so dominant so consistently with very little wavering in their gameplay. While I personally believe G2 has displayed the best games of LoL this year in isolated incidents, like in Spring vs FNC, I think they’re overall weaker and DWG are too strong at teamfighting and punishing mistakes. The approach the game with champions currently is perfect for Damwon.

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