[Worlds 2020] G2 Caps: "DAMWON is a really strong team... It's definitely not going to be an easy opponent to play against."

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G2 Esports took down Gen.G in the quarterfinals of the 2020 LoL World Championship. It was a swift 3-0 victory for G2 Esports. Rasmus “Caps” Winther was the player of the series, being picked as the player of the game in all three games playing Twisted Fate and Sylas. After the match, Caps joined Park Jeesun to talk about his performance and facing LCK teams.



With this 3-0 victory, you made it to the semifinals for the third straight year. How do you feel?


It feels good. I mean, Worlds is definitely where you get to prove yourself, and winning Worlds is the ultimate dream for every league player. So making it far is always nice. Hope we could get all the way this year.

You are the kryptonite of the LCK. You have never fallen to the LCK. How are you so strong against them, especially in best of fives?


I'm not sure why we always win against the LCK teams. In the past, the LCK teams played very slow and that gave our team an advantage because we were a crazy team. When people didn't play too fast, we had creative ways to win the game. But now I feel that the LCK also plays super fast, so, yeah. I just have to hope that we show up next week.

You are the sole POG in the series against Gen.G today. How would you like to rate your performance today?


I was really happy with the performance. I think Sylas is a champion I really like. We also played a lot at the MSI that we won. I'm super happy that it's meta. And TF is also really fun because you can just ult everywhere, and especially with Rapidfire, your range is super long. So these champions are really fun, and I was happy I got to play with them. Hopefully, I can play even more of those next week.

You'll be facing another LCK team next week. A lot of DAMWON players are mentioning that they want their revenge up against G2 for last year. Are you confident to take out another LCK team?


DAMWON is a really strong team. Compared to last year, they have improved a lot. They were very dominant at Worlds and the LCK. So it's definitely not going to be an easy opponent to play against. Especially since they also want to have revenge against us. We'll just have to try hardest, and if we get the right draft, get the right place, then I think we can beat anyone.


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