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League of Legends steamer and personality Tyler "tyler1" Steinkamp has been signed by esports organization T1. The organization is one of many to tap into the electric energy of tyler1's personality, but the first team to pen an official signing of the North American streamer. 



T1 made the signing official with a brief video announcement featuring tyler1 commemmorating the joining of forces: "BUT I'M PICKING RED! T1 OUT HERE!" The rest of the video features trademark tyler1 phrases and a fun edited video of the streamer utilizing the Super Saiyan transformation from the Dragon BallZ anime series, which has become synonymous with the concept of leveling up in 'nerd vernacular.'


The end of the video features the drop of graphics from a green screen and tyler1 asking T1 CEO Joe "JoeMar" Marsh what is next. "We just gave you the keys to the kingdom," said JoeMar, before handing tyler1 a symbol of partnership. JoeMar then goes on to explain exactly what the nature of tyler1's signing to T1 is, but it is immediately cut off by an internal monologue of tyler1 imagining himself playing every role for T1 and holding every single role in the organization.


No information has been released as far as the specifics of what tyler1 will be doing under the T1 banner, but one can assume that between tyler1's successful stream, T1's willingness to explore the streamer and content creator verticals of the gaming and esports industries in North America, and the organization's previous history with the streamer since the end of 2018 that the match is certainly made in heaven.



Expect tyler1's overwhelming energy to be featured in many a T1 content short in addition to whatever streaming schedule he will be on after signing his first deal with an esports organization. 

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