Riot Games hotfixes Umbral Glaive for Worlds 2020; previews 5 champion changes in Patch 10.22

Source: Riot Games


Riot Games hotfixed a bug affecting an in-game item, Umbral Glaive, yesterday and applied the hotfix to the patch being played at the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Less than twenty-four hours later, Riot Games' Mark "RiotScruffy" Yetter previewed some upcoming changes to Jinx, Annie, Ashe, Brand, and Nasus that will go live on Patch 10.22, which is set to drop on October 28th. 


The Umbral Glaive bug had been pointed out by several members of the League of Legends community, including a particularly popular reddit thread following the bug affecting a tiebreaker match between G2 Esports and Suning at Worlds 2020.


The Umbral Glaive bug was rooted in the item's passive, which allows its wielder to clear wards with a single auto-attack. The item has been extremely popular on AD champions throughout the event, particularly junglers on Graves and supports on Pantheon who want to maximize their ward-clearing efficiency.


However, the passive had an unintended interaction with the jungle plants scattered across Summoner's Rift — if the plant is hit by a champion wielding Umbral Glaive it cannot respawn for the rest of the game as intended.   


Since the start of Worlds 2020, no updates have been made to the event's patch — 10.19 without new champions Yone and Samira — but the Umbral Glaive bugfix was worked into the Worlds patch as well and was proven to be functional in the first quarterfinals game between DAMWON Gaming and DRX. 


Less than 24 hours after confirming the Umbral Glaive hotfix would be live for Worlds 2020 as well as the current Patch 10.21, RiotScruffy showed a preview of Patch 10.22 via Twitter with planned adjustments to Ashe, Jinx, Annie, Brand, and Nasus.



The scaling change to Ashe's W is significant, despite it being a small change in a vacuum, and Jinx's E changes are very minor. Nasus's ultimate is being adjusted for quality of life in multiple ways, but the largest changes come to the pair of fire mages. Brand's ultimate can now bounce off of him in addition to enemies, and his E's spread range has been slightly nerfed for a far larger damage clip. Annie's E now grants a shield and can be cast on allies as well as The Dark Child herself. 



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