Shyvana joins the pool of playable Legends of Runeterra champions

Images via Riot Games


The third and final champion coming to Legends of Runeterra's upcoming expansion, Monuments of Power, plans on turning up the heat where the sky is the limit. On Monday morning, Riot Games announced on their official Twitter page for the game that Shyvana is joining the pool of playable champion cards when the expansion officially goes live on October 15.



Alongside the shapeshifting fighter, a few other dragon and dragon support cards were announced that allow players to dive into the fantasy of wielding a deck of great beasts and scorching their foes. 


The direction for Shyvana's design is relatively straightforward. Once summoned, she wants to use her attack buff to allow her to trade up into opposing units, deal some damage alongside her dragon allies then level up and do more of that. The downside is that because she does not have a way of regenerating any health she loses in combat, players will need to play a deck with support cards in mind or pick your battles with her very carefully.  Deck builders will need to keep both in mind and pair her with the champion that allows her to thrive and mitigate her downside. 

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