[Worlds 2020] FNC Selfmade: "I don’t really feel bad for TSM because they are NA’s first seed, so it’s kind of a joke that they went 0-6."

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Fnatic has eliminated both TSM and LGD on the seventh day of the 2020 League of Legends Group Stage, qualifying to move forward with Gen.G to the knockout phase. In a post-match interview with Inven Global's Lara Lunardi, Fnatic's Jungler Oskar "Selfmade" Boderek talked about the current jungle meta, his first Worlds experience, and more.





First time at Worlds. Even if it’s a strange one, what have your thoughts on the event been so far?


Since this is my first Worlds as a player, I came here with big expectations about the whole tournament and about the skill, but so far I feel like either it is because we are playing so good, I feel like the competition is not as hard as it was in the previous years. 


It just feels like with every year, the gap is closing and every team can beat each other, as you can see in the Groups right now. To wrap it up, I am just enjoying it so far.


And why do you think the gap is closing?


I think because teams and players from every region have become better at the game. There is no such thing as Koreans being better than everyone, like it was in the previous years. In the past two world championships, the winners were won by the LPL, and still, the LCK was considered the region that beat everybody else, but besides NA, even Europe can match the Asian teams.


Let’s talk about your group. Everyone thought Group C to be the group of death. Did you feel that way?


Our group was called the group of death because we were supposed to have four teams that are good. Well, we had three in the end. So we had groups like group B, for example, where they had like DAMWON and JDG, when you look at that group, you already know who is going to make it.


In our group, nobody knew what was going to happen, and most people predicted Gen.G and LGD, or even TSM to make it, but in the end, we did it. It was a tough group with teams that were close in skill, besides TSM, so we can agree with that.


Let’s talk about eliminating TSM. The team [Fnatic] seemed to be in a really good mood after that match. What did it feel like?


I mean, I personally didn’t feel anything special, I was focusing on ourselves. I knew that I had to win a minimum of two games today to make it through, so it didn’t matter if we were going to beat TSM or not. But it kind of sucks that we let them go.


Did you feel a little bit bad? [laughs]


I mean, I don’t really feel bad for them, because they came here as NA’s first seed, so it’s kind of a joke that they went 0-6.


Wow. [laughs]


I don’t want to sound cocky but look at Team Liquid: they didn’t make it either, but they won some games, right? Now we have FlyQuest, which from what I know is doing well in scrims, let’s see how they do it tomorrow in their group. Let’s say they make it, it would be like, super shameful for TSM, especially.



Let’s talk about your performance. You’ve been shining at Worlds this year. Some people will argue that you are one of the best Junglers out there because the meta that suits you, other than it’s your skill. What do you say?


I think it mostly comes from the skill because if you are a good player, you should be able to adapt to any meta. I think playing tank meta is much easier than playing a carrying jungler. 


If you have somebody that can play carry meta, it should be also easy for them to play tank meta, like in the past with Sejuani, which I was also good with, back at MAD Lions. The meta suits me right now, but I don’t think it’s just that. It’s also my individual skill.


Fnatic has been focusing the draft on the jungle, can you talk me through this approach?


It’s just the meta. They decided I would be playing carrying junglers and whatever I can get, that works. We had high priority on Graves, which is basically a high priority for every team at Worlds right now, but we pulled out Hecarim today.


FNC lost to Gen.G - What happened in that game?


Basically we had a late-game draft, we had a much weaker early game draft than they did, and a lot of bad things happened in the first six minutes, which led them to snowball insanely hard. At the same time, our bot lane got double killed, which if we failed on the top side, where we were supposed to lose in the early game anyway. Then our bot lane fails, we knew it would be really hard to find a lane that we would be able to progress the game on… so… we got smashed.


What kind of player do you think you’re going to be now that you have this Worlds experience and have played against really good teams from other regions?


I don’t really think much changes other than I will be more experienced about the game. I don’t think it will affect me personally, or that I will get any ego from that. I would come back to Europe and try to win my first LEC title.


What are your hopes for the rest of the competition? How far do you think you’re going to make it?


As far as possible.


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