[Worlds 2020] GEN Clid: "Based on what I felt as their opponent, TSM don't push their advantages hard enough."


It was a 3-0 day for Gen.G, as they defeated LGD Gaming, TSM, and Fnatic on day 7 of group stages in the 2020 LoL World Championship. Having lost to FNC in round 1 of groups, GEN managed to get their revenge today, as their early dives, macro, and teamfighting were far superior than that of FNC.


The jungler for GEN, Kim “Clid” Tae-min, joined Inven Global to talk about the day and shared his thoughts on the team’s victories.



How does it feel to go 3-0 tonight and get out of groups in 1st place?


We didn’t have a great start to the day, but based on how we played in our last match, we definitely played better as the day went on. We’ll use this momentum to practice harder and perform better in the quarterfinals.

After GEN lost to FNC in round 1, the team got their revenge tonight. How does it feel?


When we lost to FNC in round 1, we just drafted a composition based around the picks that we wanted to play. That resulted in creating a team composition turning out very odd, and we ended up struggling right from the laning phase. Coming into round 2, we fixed that mistake, picked champions that we’re more confident in, which resulted in us playing more confidently as well.

Can you elaborate on some of the things that the team fixed after their round 1 loss against FNC?


We thought more about drafting champions with lane priority, and we also thought that we needed to play around objectives more. 

Let’s talk about the draft against FNC. They drafted a composition which centered around the jungler, Selfmade. Can you tell us how the flow of GEN’s draft went? What was the game plan against them tonight?


After the draft, we told ourselves, “Oh, their only source of damage is Graves”. There were a lot more advantages that we could take right from the laning phase, so we put on the pressure from the beginning and played to our team composition.

From dives, macro, to teamfights, it was a performance that made many realize just how much of a powerhouse that GEN is. Heading into the quarterfinals, what are some things that the team needs to fix?


We have a lot of early deaths, so as a jungler, it’s something that I need to help work on to reduce. Moving forward, all the teams that are in the knockout stages are stronger, so we all have to be very detailed in our play, right from the laning phase.  

We have to talk about GEN’s match against TSM. Although GEN won in the end, the team was behind early, so can you tell us how the flow of the game was?


I think we locked in our spot in the quarterfinals… Actually no, it wasn’t. I think the biggest reason was that we got complacent. Also, there were mistakes in our in-game communications as well.

Did the team get complacent because you guys were up against TSM?


Well, we did get complacent because our opponents were TSM. Other than that, we played champions that we haven’t played in a while, and the mistakes in our in-game communication played a big role in our early game struggles.

After the team struggled early, Ruler’s Senna stole Baron Nashor with an auto-attack, and seemingly turned the momentum in favor of GEN. As I recall, this all happened after TSM caught you out, so can you tell us about that situation?


After I got caught out, we checked Baron, and saw them not Smite Baron when it was low, so we told ourselves to go in, and Ruler ended up stealing it. 

In a teamfight that broke out shortly after the steal, Spica’s Lillia put all five GEN’s members to sleep with her ult, but they didn’t follow up. While most of the community thinks that TSM should’ve aced you guys, what do you think TSM should’ve done in that scenario?


I thought that they would have followed up with confidence. After the five-man ult, we were like, “Uh-oh”, but since Senna’s E ability grants stealth, and also since Lillia’s ult doesn’t grant vision like Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble, I think that’s why TSM was hesitant to follow up. 

Towards the end of the same match, Ruler was calling for a pentakill. He seems especially greedy for pentakills, but you stole it from him. Do you usually not give him pentas?


Our team’s policy is that the strong always stands at the top, so whoever’s stronger just takes kills. Also, we were on the verge of a comeback, so we prioritized the victory over the pentakill.

GEN now faced teams from EU, China, and North America. What are some of the traits that these teams bring from their region?


While I don’t think that these teams have traits per region, they have traits unique to their team. It’s important to figure out those team traits to beat them.

Having faced TSM yourself, what are some of the things that attribute to their underperformance?


Hmm… While I don’t think it’s in my place to say, based on what I felt as their opponent, TSM don't push their advantages hard enough. 

Who are you most excited to play in the quarterfinals, and who do you hope to avoid until further on in the tournament?


As I stated earlier, the teams will be stronger, and the games will be a lot closer. As long as we prepare well, we’ll be able to win against any team. I don’t really have any particular team that we want to face, because I think whoever they may be, the games will be fun and exciting.

Lastly, can you share your resolution heading into the quarterfinals?


Our performance has been a little shaky in groups, but since we have a lot of time until the knockout stages, we’ll prepare well to beat whoever comes our way.


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