[Worlds 2020] DWG ShowMaker: "Last night, I said, “What if I get solo-killed tomorrow?"... I won’t say stuff like that anymore."

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DAMWON Gaming collected their fourth win of the group stage at the 2020 LoL World Championship by defeating PSG Talon a second time. It was the first game that DAMWON Gaming failed to get the first Rift Herald, and Heo “ShowMaker” Su even gave up a solo-kill to the opponent mid laner. However, they managed to stay strong to secure the victory. After the match, ShowMaker talked to Park Jee-sun about the match.



How do you feel about the win?


Although I made a mistake… [Laughs] I’m happy that we won well.

You’re talking about the solo-kill, right?


While finishing up last night, I said, “What if I get solo-killed tomorrow? When was the last time I got solo-killed?” and it came true. I won’t say stuff like that anymore and live earnestly. [Laughs]

PSG Talon was quite strong today. Not only the solo-kill, they took the first Rift Herald, breaking DAMWON Gaming’s 100%. How was it playing against them?


Rather than to say that they played well, our performance wasn’t that good in terms of our deaths. If we bring up our performance a bit more, it’ll get better.

Flame is casting in the LCK studio. He said that you guys all contacted him often when you were quarantined, but after the quarantine, you’re not contacting him at all. Is it true? Would you like to send him a message?


Flame does so well on his own, so I didn’t really contact him. Flame, fighting! [Laughs]

How would you be preparing the remaining games?


We were quite behind in the early game in this game, so we’ll be trying harder to benefit more in the early-mid game. And, I won’t get solo-killed in our next game.

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