Team Liquid sign Sex Education star, Asa Butterfield

▲ Image Source: The Times, UK


Team Liquid announced the signing of Sex Education star, Asa Butterfield, to their org. Asa is a young English actor, most recently famous for Sex Education, but also known for Ender's Game, Hugo, The Boy in Striped Pyjamas, and many more. He is the first actor signed to the organization most well known for its many esports teams and players across various titles.



Recently, esports organizations have been signing influencers and players from outside of esports, like two recent chess signings - TSM with Hikaru and CLG with Nemsko. Until recently, most orgs stuck to popular streamers and pro players only, but have since been delving into other areas of entertainment. 100 Thieves signed popular content creator "Neekolol," who went viral on TikTok. FaZe Clan recently signed LeBron James' son, Bronny. Asa is the first major film actor to be signed to an org, however.


Asa will be a Team Liquid brand ambassador, but there haven't been any announcements of their specific plans for him yet. In any case, it's clear they're pushing the boundaries of what an esports org can do and look like. Team Liquid recently launched their new Liquid+ platform, where fans can engage with their favorite pros and Liquid ambassadors, rewarding them for their fandom and following. It's possible Asa will interact with his fans on this platform as well, or maybe Liquid will use him in other ways. 


Liquid already has stakes in both the US and across Europe, with headquarters in both Los Angeles and Utrecht. Look out for what Liquid has planned with Asa Butterfield, and stay tuned for more announcements from him and the org. What other actors would you like to see signed to your favorite esports org? 





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