[Worlds 2020] Groups conclude with three teams tied for first in Group C, TSM last


With the conclusion of TSM vs LGD, both Group C and all of the first round-robin of the Worlds group stage is all wrapped up. Group C has no clear favorites, with three teams sitting at 2-1 and TSM at 0-3. The group has looked relatively weak compared to the other three, with many of the games being fiestas and a weird amalgamation of players throwing their champions at each other hoping to accomplish... something.


Nobody sits first, but Fnatic, LGD, and Gen.G all have a strong opportunity for advancing to the knockouts. Fnatic won their games against TSM and Gen.G, losing to LGD. Each game was relatively close, and especially their game against Gen.G, which featured a lot of back and forth kills that eventually found Fnatic in a solid place to close out the game. They still have a lot of work to do to prepare for the second round-robin. 



Gen.G is similar, not necessarily convincing victories, but perhaps more so than Fnatic's. However, Fnatic always makes it work in the second round-robin. In any case, Gen.G took down TSM's not-so-secret Zilean strat rather cleanly, featuring a Sett mid of their own, and they shut down Mingyi "Spica" Lu's Nidalee. They haven't looked clean by any means, but definitely could find a knockout spot if they shape up.


LGD is perhaps the sloppiest of the three 2-1 teams, but also still has a high ceiling considering the talent on their team. They somehow took down Fnatic, but lost to Gen.G. Their game against TSM was more or less LGD just existing on the map and allowing TSM to lose the game. They still have a lot to work on, but they definitely look better than in most of their Play-In stage, and with a good few off days, they could improve enough to advance. 



LGD has the head to head over Fnatic. Fnatic has the head to head over Gen.G. And Gen.G has the head to over LGD. TSM has the head to head to nobody, and needs to win all three games and hope that the stars align for them to make it onward. At best, they get a 3-3 tie with another team which will incite a tiebreaker, which they'll also need to win. 


Group C plays their second round-robin games on October 10th to decide the knockout stage qualifiers. 




Images by Riot Games

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