Official K/DA cosplayers may have revealed Seraphine’s stage outfit

Image Source: Spiral Cats Youtube


The star-studded South Korean cosplay group Spiral Cats has created movie-grade costumes of League of Legends’ K-Pop ensemble K/DA in collaboration with big cosplay names in the scene. The garments replicate the group’s newest looks, from their upcoming debut EP titled “All Out”.



The cosplay group features Doremi and Tasha, from Spiral Cats, portraying Ahri and Akali , model Somber as Kai’sa, Lanha styled razor-sharp as Evelynn, and Eki Holic as the newest League of Legends character Seraphine.


With the collaboration between K/DA and Seraphine announced to be released soon at the League of Legends World Championship finals, their latest outfit ensembles have been revealed for the lead singers, but rising star Seraphine is still missing her official outfit reveal. The cosplay music video created by Spiral Cats features four cosplayers sporting the same design seen on the EP cover, while Eki Holic is seen in an outfit that could be Seraphine’s official look.


Previously leaked K/DA "All Out" looks


Eki Holic as Seraphine


Seraphine’s outfit is fairly distinctive of the rest of the group, with a blue princess-like dress, featuring musical note inspired appliques on the waist and beautifully bloomed flowers attached to the bottom. The mini leather jacket makes the ensemble fit in more with the aesthetic of the group, and very much like the other members, Seraphine’s hair is also styled in a ponytail with different color streaks along with her hair.


When comparing the design in the cosplay music video to the one in the leaked image, which did nail four out of the five designs that ended up being official, the outfits are rather different. This could mean Seraphine's look is her default skin, or perhaps the image leaked was from an older concept, and the Riot Games art team ended up changing the design later on.


K/DA's newest EP "All Out" cover art


The closer we get to the EP’s release date on November 6th, the more updates and teases we get. A new track has been previewed, titled “Drum Go Dum”, as well as a new dance challenge and a cosplay and fashion challenge. With the way content is flowing, we are likely to know more officially about the mystery outfit Seraphine will wear.



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