[Worlds 2020] TES finish 3-0, DRX trail at 2-1 for Group D first round-robin


After the first set of games in the World Championship group stage, Group D ended with a clear tier list of its teams. Top Esports - to no one's surprise - sat at 3-0, DRX came in second at 2-1, FlyQuest came third at 1-2, and Unicorns Of Love rounded out the list at an unfortunate 0-3. 


TES is a clear favorite for this group, and still for Worlds as a whole. Their wins weren't necessarily perfect, but they were more or less controlled, and they never seemed too far behind. DRX definitely gave them a run for their money, but they remained close enough in competition and stole away the victory. Their games against UOL and FlyQuest were well controlled, but they did not close them out exceptionally cleanly. They never fell into dangerous territory in either of those, but a few over forced plays added on extra minutes before the nexus explosion.



DRX could have come away with a 3-0 themselves but lost in the later stages of their TES game despite being ahead in gold and map pressure for the majority of the game. Despite that, they are clearly in second place, both having a lead in game score and a stronger performance than the others trailing behind. Their game against FLY was close, but DRX now holds a game lead and head to head advantage which puts them in a good spot for advancing.


FlyQuest had a really poor early game against TES, but held on strong for a while longer than they should've been able to, which could be a positive for them going into the second round-robin. They had a very shaky win against UOL, one that nearly solely belongs to Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage, but it was also NA's first for the Group Stage, and that's surely worth something. (Right?) In any case, they played well for most of their DRX game, but they'll need to make some miracles happen in the second set of games if they want to continue to the knockout stage.



UOL is in a really rough position if they want to move forward. They have to win all three of their games, and even then they need DRX and/or TES to lose a couple extra games on top of it. They've had a couple nice performances, but nothing ever clean enough to net them a win. They had a great Play-Ins run, but that momentum didn't last through the Group Stage. 


Group D is last to play their second set, with the final games taking place on October 11th. 




Images by Riot Games

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