Legends of Runeterra announces Monuments of Power expansion, new card type, spectator mode

▲ The next Legends of Runeterra expansion is coming in two weeks. Images via Riot Games


On Sunday afternoon, Riot Games released a video on their official YouTube channel detailing what players of their collectible card game, Legends of Runeterra, can expect in the upcoming weeks and going forward. The largest piece of news is the game's upcoming expansion, Monuments of Power, is set to be released on October 14 and will include 40 new cards, three new champions, and a never before seen card type called Landmarks.


▲ Landmarks will be added in the upcoming expansion.


Unable to attack, block or be interacted with by nearly all cards in the game, Landmarks provide ongoing effects throughout the game that enable a unique playing experience for yourself and your opponent. While the game's design team mentioned that the Monuments of Power expansion would introduce powerful and dynamic ones right out of the gate, they see a world where common ones will be created down the road and become a staple game mechanic.



A feature that players have been requesting since the game was first introduced was touched on in the teaser video as well. Scheduled to arrive in November, spectator will allow friends to watch one another's games in real-time. In due time, the development team says a full-blown spectator mode will be leased that can support tournaments and an official esports scene.


More information pertaining to what players will be able to get their hands on will likely be revealed as October 14 approaches.

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