[Worlds 2020] DWG Nuguri reflects on 2019: "Last year, our win conditions and patterns were pretty simple and limited."

Source: LCK Broadcast


On day 2 of group stage in the 2020 LoL World Championship, DAMWON Gaming continued their win streak by defeating Rogue. A highlight of the match was the top lane Lulu pick by Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon, a champion that's been rising in popularity in solo queue.


Nuguri joined Jeesun Park for a post-match interview for the LCK broadcast to talk about the victory,and how the team evolved since their last Worlds appearance in 2019.



DWG is now on a two-game win streak after defeating Rogue. How do you feel?


We’re glad that we’re able to pick up another victory after a great start.

Can you tell us why you decided to pick Lulu tonight?


Before I came to Shanghai, Lulu was rising in popularity in solo queue. She’s a champion that easily fits into many different team compositions, and after practicing her, I thought she was good. I didn’t have too many top lane champions to play, so I decided to pull out Lulu.

After a certain point in the game, Rogue went into defensive mode by avoiding skirmishes. How did the team decide to burst through Rogue’s defenses?


Rogue secured defensive vision, and just farmed inside their half of the map to look for an opportunity. We decided to widen the gap by constantly taking their jungle camps, and since we got early dragon stacks, we forced them out of their shell near dragon and baron.

DWG’s next opponents are PSG Talon. Can you share your resolution for continuing on the team’s win streak?


I think the preparation for PSG will be pretty cookie-cutter. After that match, we have a few days off, so I think we’ll have to prepare well for our drafts for the rest of our group stage matches.

Lastly, how do you compare 2019 DWG to 2020 DWG?


I think our whole team is pretty unified when we say this. Last year, our win conditions and patterns were pretty simple and limited, but this year, we’ve expanded our win conditions to be able to play out the game through all roles. I think that’s our biggest strength.

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