TimTheTatman's Team Delta wins the LG UltraGear Face-Off VALORANT tournament

Screengrab via: LG UltraGear | Twitch


Four teams entered the LG UltraGear FaceOff, each representing one major FPS esport, to finally decide which game will soon prove victorious in the budding VALORANT scene. And coming out on top is Team Delta, representing Call of Duty and led by Tim “TimTheTatman” Betar.


Team Delta’s victory was by no means a landslide, however. During their opening match, Team Striker overcame Team Striker on Bind 13-8, a reasonably close match considering Delta’s initial 7-2 lead.


The upper bracket final provided a similar result, with Team Survival and Team Delta initially going head-to-head with a 5-5 scoreline, before the Call of Duty squad took control of the map, closing Bind 13-6, sending them to the grand finals.


Following the elimination of Team Survival in the lower bracket final to Team Striker, the Counter-Strike team returned to the bracket, with the grand final presenting the opening rematch against Team Delta.


Explosive rivalry defines the LG UltraGear Face-Off grand finals


WARDELL vs ShahZaM, the grand final was the Operator rivalry that the fans wanted. With WARDELL dropping 29 kills on Jett, and ShahZaM close by with 26 on Sova, neither team could successfully build up a strong lead. 


Team Striker were the first to reach the match point threshold 12-11, but a 3K from HusKerrs would force the match into overtime. One squad wipe and one defusal later, Team Delta secured a 14-12 scoreline, winning the match and securing first place in the LG UltraGear FaceOff!


Team Delta's championship line-up:

  • Fl0m
  • Timthetatman
  • Autumn
  • m0E_tv


Screengrab via: LG UltraGear | Twitch


If you missed the action live or want to replay your favorite moments, you can find the VoDs in the Videos section of LG UltraGear’s official Twitch account.


Check back soon for the MVP of the LG UltraGear FaceOff, the top highlights from the showmatch, as well as the announcement of the winners of the giveaway!


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