League of Legends' K/DA announces debut EP, revealing new official look


Out with the old, in with the new, as Sharpay Evans once said.


League of Legends' favorite music group K/DA has announced a new EP, titled "All Out", After breaking the internet announcing a comeback for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. After the release of  "The Baddest",  the group had been rumored (and confirmed!) to be working on more than just one song.


The EP cover reveals a brand new look to the K-Pop stars, confirming a previously leaked image featuring the four main group members and Seraphine, color-coordinating their aesthetic. The main thematic here is holographic meets leather, and I am all for it. Adding some spice to the champions, the new designs are definitely an upgrade from the fashionable-yet-bland look they sported for "The Baddest".



From left to right, we have Kai'Sa sporting blue holographic leggings, a leathery mesh top, and intricately designed gloves with the diamond motif. Evelynn, which in my opinion has by far the hottest design, wears a black leather skirt, a holographic cropped jacket, thigh-high stockings (with a garter belt for extra spice), and a leather harness top. 



Queen of the Rift, Ahri herself has shown up in a royal blue dress with an intricate sleeve design. The shoulder details, hair color, and tail are on point. Queen of blades Akali wears a crop-top with a jacket over, tight leggings with a white belt, and diamond-shaped sneakers. Haven't we seen something like this before?


The similarity between the new outfit designs compared to the firs K/DA looks are glaring, but they bring a sense of familiarity rather than a lack of creativity. Kai'Sa is wearing leggings and a crop-top, Evelynn fits in a skirt, a crop-top, and something to cover her arms, Ahri wears the blue version of her prestige K/DA dress, topped with similar shoes and jewelry, and Akali dresses in her signature "I don't like high heels and wear comfortable yet stylish clothing" mood.



All Out will be released on November 6th, available on streaming platforms. It is still uncertain how many tracks will be available in the EP, but we can make an educated guess that The Baddest, Calling All Blades, as well as their upcoming track featuring Seraphine (if that is not the latter), is likely to be part of it.



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