[Worlds 2020] TL CoreJJ on using IG Rakan instead of his own: "I think that the Q hitbox on IG Rakan feels a bit sharper."

From the left: TL CoreJJ, Jeesun Park (Source: LCK Broadcast)


On Sep. 28th, Team Liquid defeated SuperMassive Esports in day 3 of the 2020 LoL World Championships. With TL’s victory over SUP, they now have a 3-0 record in the play-in stages and solidified their 1st place standing in their group.


The support player for TL, Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in joined Jeesun Park in the LCK broadcast to talk about his victory and his hope to create another Worlds’ Rakan skin.



Can you please say hello to the Korean fans watching at home?


As an LCS player, I’m very happy to get the opportunity to say hello to the Korean fans, because getting such an opportunity means that we won. I hope you’re doing well.

TL is in first place with an undefeated record in the play-in stages. How do you feel?


After our match against MAD, this match victory was critical to stay in first place, and I’m glad that everyone played well and won.

It was a dominant victory. Did you expect to perform so well?


We were aware that if we got three wins during the Summer playoffs, we’d be playing in the play-in stages. I thought that if we made it to the group stages by gaining experience through the play-in stages, we’d play better, and I’m happy that things are panning out the way I thought.

SUP put up a really good fight in that match. How do you rate them as a team?


They made a lot of unique plays, some of which we didn’t expect. After we took Baron, I noticed that the team’s atmosphere got a bit complacent, so I think that if we can fix such a thing, we can play better next time.

Your Rakan this match dominated the Rift tonight, and despite having your own Rakan skin, you used IG Rakan. Why did you choose that skin?


Did I just use IG Rakan? I’ll need to check. I think that the Q hitbox on IG Rakan feels a bit sharper, so I felt like I could win with that skin.

Do you think there will be a TL Rakan skin with a longer and sharper hitbox?


Who knows. If I win Worlds, I get to make another Rakan skin, so I’m fired up. 

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