Overwatch has changed the elevators on Hollywood & Volskaya Industries to be sensor-activated

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Over four years after the game's release, Overwatch maps Hollywood & Volskaya Industries are receiving a quality of life adjustment. The elevators on the outside of the buildings on these maps will no longer shift up and down of their own volition, instead waiting at the bottom level for a hero to board before returning to the top of the building and by extension, removing an RNG-heavy feature from the map that has aggravated players of all competitive levels for years. 

Prominent Overwatch community member Naeri X broke down how the change works via Twitter: "Elevators will now wait at the bottom of their track until a player boards the platform. After a short delay, the platform rises rapidly upward. Once the elevator reaches the top, it pauses briefly before returning to the bottom."


This change is not the first time adjustments to the elevators on Hollywood and Volskaya Industries have been a topic of conversation in the Overwatch community. In 2016, Liam "Mangachu" Campbell, a professional DPS player for Overwatch League franchise Toronto Defiant, shared an idea via Twitter.



The actual change made to the elevators is different than Mangachu's idea, but is similar in essence in that the idea is to remove the element of randomness from the lift's position on the elevator. For example, a Torbjorn player could previously place a turret on the elevator's lift and have it sit there while the lift continues to move up and down of its own volition, often resulting in an unexpected surprise for heroes looking to change levels and free kills for Torbjorn.

The change may seem minor at first glance, but the adjustment to the elevators on Hollywood and Volskaya Industries should make both maps far more competitively healthy for players at all levels of competition in the Overwatch community.



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