[Worlds 2020] SUP KaKAO: "In the case of Hecarim-Shen, I was inspired much by the EU players."

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On September 26, Papara Supermassive defeated INTZ in the play-ins of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. It was the first match for Papara Supermassive in the series and they started off with a win. Their composition was directed heavily to the jungler, Lee “KaKAO” Byung-kwon in Hecarim, and he delivered the performance the team needed. After the match, KaKAO joined Park Jee-sun for an interview.



You won the first match at this World Championship. How do you feel?


INTZ was a mountain to climb… Maybe not a mountain, is it just warming up? Anyways, I feel good that we won without much trouble. We needed to get past them.

You’re a veteran who’s already in your ninth year. What’s your secret to maintaining your prowess for so long?


Recently, playing LoL as much as I can is one thing, but I try to watch other people play more. Competitions, other junglers’ streams… I try to learn what they think while playing and absorb their strengths to myself.

Were there any plays, players, or builds that were impressive lately?


In the case of Hecarim-Shen, I was inspired much by the EU players. In solo queue, Tarzan was really good. In the LPL, I think the TES jungler is really good.

Your performance today on Hecarim was amazing. Your composition was focused much on Hecarim. Did you appeal that you wanted to play him or was it from the coaching staff?


We did practice a lot of compositions that are focused on Hecarim, and today’s match was especially Hecarim centric. If I inted, the game would be thrown, so I played cautiously. Rather than myself appealing this comp, it just turned out to be like that when the draft was over.

Many people evaluated that Shen played really well too. Even CloudTemplar said so. How do you think Armut did on Shen today?


He was good. It’s important to connect the skills well when Hecarim uses E or his ult. Armut did that really well, so I can say that his Shen performance was really good.

You have a good start. How are your resolutions towards the remaining matches?


MAD Lions is the real mountain. If we overcome MAD and TL, we’ll be able to look at the group stage. I’ll be doing my best.

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