[Worlds 2020] TL Impact on who he wants to face at Worlds: "Originally it was TheShy, but... He's disappeared."

▲ From the left: Impact, Jeesun Park (Source: LCK Korea broadcast)


On Sept. 25th, day 1 of the 2020 LoL World Championships kicked off with its first day of the play-in stages. Team Liquid, LCS’ #3 seed defeated LEC’s #4 seed, MAD Lions in the last match of the day, and took an early lead in the classic ‘NA vs EU’ rivalry.


The top laner for TL, Jeong “Impact” Eon-yeong was named the Player of the Game on the LCK Korea broadcast, and joined Jeesun Park for a post-match interview.



Congratulations on the victory against MAD. This is your 5th consecutive year appearing on the Worlds stage, and you kicked off your Worlds journey with a victory. How do you feel?


I think it was a pretty easy victory. I don’t think we played too badly. The thing I’m disappointed about this game was that we gave the enemy too many unnecessary early advantages. Even though our team composition was weaker early, I think we definitely could’ve played it better. I think I threw a couple times as well, and I questioned my own usages of my Teleports. However, I stopped beating myself over my mistakes and refocused, so I think things worked out.

TL pulled out Twitch/Rakan in the bot lane, which is a duo that’s been up and coming. How do you rate the bot duo?


It’s not my lane, so whatever (laughter). My bot lane said to pick Twitch/Rakan during our 2nd and 3rd pick, so I was like, “Damn, these guys are confident.” It wasn’t bad. When they died early, I was like, “Huh? You guys lost a 3v2?” However, they got two kills of it, and when Twisted Fate started to rack up kills, he was able to come back from his early deficit. In the end, Twitch carried teamfights, and overall, it was good.

Outside of the game, your hairstyle is also a hot topic within the community. Can you comment on your haircut that went full NA?


As I said last year at Worlds, I just wanted to grow it out. I didn’t want to grow out the side of my hair, because I think it’d look messy. However, when I’m with Reapered, people tell me that I look like I’m part of the Yakuza (laughter). I do want to keep growing it out, and I think the long hair gives me energy. I feel like I’m Super Saiyan 3 (laughter).


Impact was named Player of the Game (Source: LCK Korea)


You were selected as Player of the Game (POG) in the LCK Korea broadcast and showed what “Top Die” really meant.


I just played the game and killed my enemies when I had the chance. I don’t know if it was a POG-worthy performance, but I don’t think my play was too shabby. I appreciate it.

Any top laners at Worlds that you’re excited to face?


Originally, it was TheShy, but… He’s disappeared. Apart from him, I think that Nuguri’s been always a good top laner. He was good last year as well. I want to face the Chinese top laners, 369 and Zoom. I hope that I get out of play-ins as the 1st place team to face them.

You’re LCS comrade, Huni, is a guest commentator on the LCK Korea broadcast tonight. Is there anything you’d like to say to him?


No, not really. He must be making bank as a part-timer (laughter). I hope he does well.

Lastly, can you share your resolution on the rest of your Worlds journey?


We don’t believe that it’ll be easy to move up in the tournament, but as long as we keep playing hard and well… My initial objective is to get to the quarterfinals. In the past five consecutive years that I made it to Worlds, I only made it to the quarterfinals twice, and never to the semis. My goal is… Although everyone would like to say that they want to win Worlds, for me, the realistic goal is to make it to the semifinals. I’m going to work as hard as possible to achieve it, so please continue to support me and TL. Thank you.

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