[Worlds 2020] A look at pre-World Championship scrims courtesy of LoLVVV

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The 2020 League of Legends World Championship is less than a day away, and across the past few weeks, LoLVVV has secured data from a handful of pre-Worlds 2020 scrims featuring competitors from around the globe. It's no secret that scrims are not necessarily indicative of what will happen in actual competitive matches, but they can still provide interesting insights and build hype leading up to a LoL esports event. 


With the help of LoLVVV, let's take a closer look at these scrims and see if there are any trends that could become apparent throughout Worlds 2020. 


The following table contains nine scrims between teams competing at the 2020 World Championship with each scrim's date, winner, and loser. All scrims are on China's Super Server, and are on Patch 10.19 just like Worlds 2020, with the slight adjustment of Yone and Samira not being eligibile for the competition. 


Date W L
9/12 Fnatic Suning
9/14 JD Gaming MAD Lions
9/14 G2 Esports Unicorns of Love
9/15 Unicorns of Love G2 Esports
9/15 TSM Suning
9/17 LGD Gaming G2 Esports
9/19 LGD Gaming FlyQuest
9/24 DRX Rogue
9/24 DRX Rogue


These scrims are, of course, not only not competitive matches, but only a handful of scrims that have taken place in the past few weeks. The results may not be as significant as competitive matches, but the compositions teams are practicing are a solid preview to the Worlds 2020 meta.


46 champions have been played in these nine scrims, and not a single one is a flex pick, unless one counts when DRX top laner Choi "Doran" Hyeon-joon and mid laner Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon swapped lanes to play Sylas and Wukong, respectively. The most-played champion is Ashe with six games in the AD carry position. Lilia jungle and Lucian mid are tied for 2nd with five games each; Syndra and Thresh have been played four times in mid and support, respectively. 


Alongside, Lilia, Evelynn has also been prevalent, and the current prominence of junglers who deal magic damage is related to the increase of Lucian mid because of the balancing of the damage spread with a physical damage mid laner. Lucian has seen play in all three lanes this season, but has mostly spent his time as a solo laner and mostly in top lane. In these scrims, Lucian is played mid in every single game.


More information on Worlds 2020 scrims can be found on  LoLVVV's official website.


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