Game Controller Extravaganza: Sights from GDC 2017 North Hall

After kicking off on February 27 (Local time), GDC 2017 is already on its third day. One of the biggest change for Day 3 is the expo many attendees and developers have been waiting for.

Unlike South Hall where developers compete for people’s attention, North Hall features a different atmosphere. From some booths showcasing innovative game controllers made by amateurs to serious business meetings and the collection of classic consoles, this eclectic space has it all.

As I couldn’t bundle these with the previous GDC photo articles, here's what’s going down at GDC North Hall expo.


▲ This is the basement exhibition in North Hall, Moscone Center.
▲ Even the air feels different than South Hall.
▲ Some people are trying out various games just like they do in South Hall.
▲ Business meetings are also taking place.
▲ Alcohol is sold here as well.
▲ These playtesters know what's up.
▲ He's in the groove.
▲ alt.ctrl.GDC expo showcasing controllers from all walks of life
▲ I wonder how that submarine moves.
▲ Each person is controlling a direction by restricting air flow.
▲ Despite its meanor, it's just a face recognition controller.
▲ Bless the soothing sound of an electric lira.
▲ Tug-of-war against a stubborn dog.
▲ Apparently, husky is difficulty five.
▲ A surprisingly stylish and maneuverable controller with a Slinky 
▲ Experience crawling as a zombie with this treadmill-like controller with pockets.
▲ You can mold the sand to shape the geographic rendering.
▲ This guy just presses a button by itself and goes away.
▲ Become a DJ and control the circle.
▲ Ah, the old favorite. Diffuse the bomb before it's too late.
▲ This feels more like work than video games.
▲ Oh, the memories.
▲ Just like the one my dad used to make for me.
▲ Straight out of the mom's kitchen. Where's my tin foil hat?
▲ Cat tower DJ! I can't even...
▲ He just plays the guitar.
▲ For no apparent reason, they started to fight.
▲ I guess we have a winner. Lines are pretty long for physical games.
▲ You say moving in VR is an issue? Just shake it off.
▲ I've been spoiled by wacky controllers.
▲ It wouldn't be complete without retro games.
▲ The legendary Atari 2600
▲ Dinosaurs in gaming consoles
▲ This one was way ahead of its time.
▲ Older console designs still feel fresh to this date.
▲ I remember flying through that cannon.
▲ 90's kids will understand...
▲ Controls were superb at the time.
▲ Other exhibitions and playtesting were also happening.
▲ Many colleges are here to give counseling to prospective students.
▲ Diverse game development books are on sale.
▲ Hey, man. Pick on someone your own size!
▲ The dinosaur is a lie.
▲ No doubt tomorrow's North Hall expo will be different.
▲ Hope to see you back in the comprehensive GDC 2017 photo article!

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