[Worlds2020] DWG Nuguri speaks out on recovery and on top laners he's most excited to face at Worlds


After the news on the top laner for DAMWON Gaming, Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon, receiving surgery on his collapsed lung, it left many fans worried about his well-being, and the potential impact it’ll have at Worlds. On the issue, DWG’s management made a statement, saying “The surgery was a success, and he was discharged on the 13th (KST). He will be heading to China alongside our manager on the 18th”.


As curiosity caught up with Inven on his well-being, his recovery process, and his thoughts on attending Worlds for the 2nd year in a row, we had a chance to briefly catch up with Nuguri to hear his thoughts out. The following interview was conducted over paper and was kept short, as he was still recovering.



Many fans were worried about your pneumothorax surgery. How are you currently feeling?


I’ll be able to know when I get on the plane. I’ve recovered quite a lot since then, so I’m doing good. Thanks for worrying about me.

You’ve put on such an incredible performance in the LCK finals that no one expected your health to take a turn for the worse. Were you not feeling well back then as well?


Whenever I was on a walk, walking up stairs, or working out, there was always chest pain. However, whenever I was in front of a PC, I always felt fine. I think I’ve recovered quite a bit since my surgery, and I think I’ll know how I really feel when I get on that plane.

Other teammates have already left for China, while you’ll be leaving this Friday. Is there anything that they told you about China? Perhaps about their quarantine life? Did they say that they miss you?


No, nothing in particular. Also, even though I’m in Korea, I’m still scrimming with the team over Discord. It almost feels like I’m right there with them.

Let’s talk briefly about Worlds. Which team/top laner(s) are you most excited to face at Worlds?


It’d have to be the top laner for TOP Esports, “369”, and JD Gaming’s “Zoom”. I think that those two players have great synergy with their respective teams, and are very skilled on an individual level.

As I don’t want to occupy you for too long, we’ll conclude this interview here. Lastly, as you’re returning to Worlds for the 2nd year in a row, can you share your resolution with your fans?


We were unfortunately eliminated from Worlds last year in the quarterfinals. We’ll work hard to achieve more this year to make this our redemption year. Thank you for all the support!


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