Meet AesirPrenke, the Azir main that dances throughout his entire Twitch stream


Tune in on Twitch and browse the League of Legends streaming section. The options you will find are rather similar. For some viewers, the monotony of LoL can make for a rather dull broadcast, lacking true entertainment value. But what is featured here is not at all what one would expect from running down mid lane.


One Tuesday night, I met with a friend to watch EU Masters but before the games started, they wanted me to see something. “Hey, check this out, mate,” they said, so I did and I have to admit — what was on that channel was mesmerizing. A tall, lanky dude by the name of AesirPrenke was doing some mad moves while dancing to really — I mean really — energetic music, while spamming some Azir tricks.



After lurking on his stream for a few days, I noticed that even though he had just started his rise to (trust me) inevitable Twitch stardom, his community was already positively engaged. “I love my community, they are so lovely. They sometimes come to me trolling, but when they return they come back with love”, AesirPrenke told Inven.



The Azir one-trick began his full-time streaming career in 2020, putting in at least six or seven hours of work every single day — no weekends, no holidays. When asked why he decided to make this his job, AesirPrenke explained: 


“I had always wanted to stream full-time, but lacked the confidence to do it then. After procrastinating and not streaming seriously for a couple of years, I realized it was now or never. My friends encouraged me too, since I played so much League of Legends every day”.



New viewers who stumble upon AesirPrenke’s bouncy behavior tend to have similar reactions: “Is he on drugs?” or “No way this guy is not on something.” In response, the streamer even has the tongue-in-cheek chat command “!drugs”, which, instead of narcotics, brings up his healthy diet, cold showers and caffeine as the cause of his liveliness. 


That’s not just a sales pitch. A childhood afflicted by health complications has led the streamer to research healthy lifestyle options since his teenage years. “When streaming, I can show that eating healthy and living a good lifestyle can have a huge impact in someone’s life.”


If you have not yet checked out AesirPrenke, you can find him on Twitter and on Twitch. Personally, I recommend you watch his night time streams, because he just recently got disco lights, and boy, do they add an extra layer to his performance…  Welcome to the homiehood!


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