The Pros and Cons of Dr Disrespect new "VSM" collection

Violence, speed, momentum -- the iconic phrase of one of gamings most notorious character streamer takes on new athletic characteristics in the Dr Disrespect's new apparel collection.



Today, the massively popular streamer released the VSM Collection. The collection is an athletic interpretation of Dr Disrepects typical red and black gun-metal aesthetic. Instead of "lan-party-meets-miami-vice", the VSM collection is cut for performance and tapered in the comfortable athleisure styling.



The Pros

The VSM collection is fan-service of the highest order -- if you really love Dr Disrespect than this limited drop has appeal to you. There are a couple of solid choices for a gamer looking to add streetwear staples to their wardrobe and both joggers and the performance shorts are basic enough to easily be incorporated into every-day wear.

The stand out item that will catch most people's eyes is the windbreaker. Naturally, it is already sold out and fans have already begun looking to purchase on the second-hand market. Considering the usually uninspired state of streamer merch, Dr Disrespect should be praised in the fact that VSM encourages gamers to dress a little bolder than usual.

The entire collection feels oddly seriously considering the Dr Disrespects usual tongue-in-cheek parody of a rambo-esque gamer on a mission to achieve immortal video gamer glory. In comparison, VSM seems like an earnest attempt to entice die-hard fans into making reasonable wardrobe upgrades with just a pinch of gaming flair


The Cons

There is no getting around it: VSM collection is standard athleisure wear with a  streamers logo on it. Someone looking for a fresher look can safely pass on VSM, as there really is such a thing as too many black joggers and hoodies.


And speaking of which, the joggers feel like a big missed opportunity. They are few key details to make them stand out from any other pair of black joggers and the Dr Disrespect fan looking for a proud display of fandom is likely bored from the faded looking decals that seem like an afterthought.


In hindsight, creating a pair of joggers as visually bold as the windbreaker would have been a more exciting option that likely would have encouraged fans to buy both as a set.


You can check out the full collection at

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