9 cards tweaked in Legends of Runeterra Call of the Mountain's first balance patch

Nine Legends of Runeterra cards are getting balance changes. Source: Riot Games.


Three weeks after the most recent Legends of Runeterra card expansion, Call of the Mountain, went live, the development team has announced their first round of balance changes. Scheduled to go live in Patch 1.10, nine cards were the focus this time around while more are set to come in Patch 1.11 and will focus on more "Targon-specific tuning," according to the development team as more data needs to be collected.


The following nine cards experiencing balance changes are as follows (including comments from the devs behind them):





Level up: You've targeted enemies 8+ times --> You've targeted enemies 10+ times.


"Ezreal's an exciting build-around and a unique combo/control finisher (all things we want to preserve), but his design also presents some “is this fun to play against?” challenges that we’ve discussed previously. Increasing the difficulty of Ezreal’s quest will ask for additional investment to reach his extremely potent level 2 form, and create more tension in the choice between leveling up his quest and saving damage for the opponent’s Nexus."


Lee Sin


Cost: 6 --> 4.

Health: 6 --> 4.

Level up: You've cast 7+ spells --> You've cast 8+ spells.


"Lee Sin has been the least played Rising Tides champion since his release. We're reworking him to be significantly cheaper and able to make an impact earlier in the game, while making more sense alongside the double-casting archetype."


Lee Sin (Level 2) 

Cost: 6 --> 4.

Health: 7 --> 5.

Lee Sin's Sonic Wave (Was Lee Sin's Dragon's Rage)


"We've also changed Lee Sin’s champion spell to Sonic Wave. While this is a more unusual change, Lee Sin's Dragon's Rage was often a poor fit for Lee Sin decks due to being expensive and Slow speed, resulting in rarer use than we’d like to see in a champion spell. His new spell should help his early game and allow Lee Sin to contribute more synergy to followers."


War Chefs



Power: 2 --> 1.


"War Chefs has been a consistent fixture of mid-range Demacia decks, always earning its keep through the potential to create huge early advantages. We’d like to see more variety, so we’re making this change to allow more counterplay via blocking and rein in how consistently the card can create snowball wins. "


Flash of Brilliance



Cost: 4 --> 3.


"What would patch notes be without a change to Flash of Brilliance? We’re reverting a previous change made simultaneously with an update to Heimerdinger—overall, Flash’s satisfaction and usability took too much of a collateral hit from those changes. Heimerdinger and Flash of Brilliance are ultimately a natural pairing, and we’d like to restore the appeal of such a core interaction while also making Flash more appealing to a wider variety of decks."


Overgrown Snapvine


Power: 4 --> 5.


"Overgrown Snapvine has been a frequent request for updates among the Epic card roster. Snapvine can sometimes lock you out of playing meaningful units, and while we want to be careful given the potential of its effect, a simple boost to its power should provide a significant usability and payoff upgrade."


Crackshot Corsair



Health: 1 --> 2.


"Bilgewater's cheap & aggressive Plunder-based units haven’t been seeing much usage outside of Jagged Butcher. This adjustment should help Corsair be a more viable option in Bilgewater-based aggro."


Jagged Taskmaster


Cost: 3 --> 2.

Power: 4 --> 3.

Health:  3 --> 2.


"We're adjusting the Taskmaster to make it easier to utilize in its core decks, while also making it more accessible to a wider array of Bilgewater decks."


Yordle Grifter


Old text: Create a Warning Shot in hand. Allegiance: Nab 1

New text: Allegiance: Nab 1 and create a Warning Shot in hand.


"Allegiance cards are intended and balanced to be quite powerful given the expected cost of their deckbuilding constraints. Yordle Grifter has proven too easy to rely on in decks that stretch those constraints too far, so we're extending the Allegiance requirement to both of its effects."


Cygnus the Moonstalker


Power: 4 --> 5.

Health: 2 --> 3.


"Cygnus was simply too low on raw stats to be a powerful curve topper for Nightfall decks.

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