The top League of Legends Champions for newbies

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If you're only just starting out League of legends Champions can be a little hard to take in. Those fresh to the realm of LoL can find the Summoner's rift map pretty intimidating, especially if you're new to MOBA and aren't used to dying repeatedly! League of legends boasts over one hundred and twenty Champions at the time of writing, and the sheer volume of playable characters can become overwhelming. No newbie will understand how every champion plays, to begin with, nor will they know how to fight when they come up against one. 


Fortunately, one of the best ways we advise players to get to know the various champions is the play the game, and most of all, enjoy it while doing so.


We're here to give you a helping hand with our list of champions that are regarded as powerful and easy for beginners to get used to. Every champion has certain points of the map that they perform best in, and by the end of this article, you should have a feel for which champion you are going to take for a test ride!


Garen - The Might of Demacia

First up is Riot games’ Garen who carries a natural tank stance, and his defensive stats are raised using his W. He can regenerate health pretty fast using his perseverance and passive abilities, ultimately keeping him alive for longer. Chain Garen's offensive skills together, and he can be incredibly powerful.


Morgana - Fallen Angel

Next up we have Morgana who is regarded as a utility mage. Although others can dish out heaps of damage, Morgana is more about using those tucked away tools to enhance her place in the mid lane. Morgana is a fantastic Champion to have as a support, but thanks to her epic magic damage we're keeping her to the role she was first brought into.


Annie - The Dark Child

A mid laner is what Annie was put on this Earth for, she boasts huge amounts of magic damage and has great crowd control which makes her limited mobility unnoticeable. Annie can turn the tables with smart target selection and perfect timing.

Nasus - the curator of the Sands

Next, we have Nasus who can be played in different ways, and much like Garen he's fairly tanky, but he can be used with Attack damage or Ability power too. Soul Eater is his passive and provides free lifesteal as a result, enabling him to last out longer in the lane.

Volibear - The Thunder's Roar

Although Volibear might not be as fast as other entries on our list, he has some great jungle survival skills. If his health dips below a certain threshold, Volibear can use his Chosen of the storm passive to regenerate his health now and then, which is also useful for team fights. He has some reasonably powerful ganks, and you can use him either defensively or offensively to match your team requirements.


Shyvana - The half Dragon

Last, but by no means least, is Shyvana and has one of the most rapid jungle clears in all of League. Fury of the Dragonborn is her passive which enables her to deal extra damage to dragons, and also provides a bonus stat boost for every dragon kill. Once she reaches level six her ganks are best used, although before this level she is still pretty impressive with her W speed boost. 

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