Core memory sharing: Enhance your heroes through strong alliances

The new Core Memory enhancement system allows players to enhance their heroes further through guild and alliance associations!


Many players are still getting their feet wet with all the new content available in Season 2. Among these new features is the Core Memory system, which is one that should be an early priority for new and free-to-play players. It is by far the easiest hero enhancement for players to take advantage of at any point in their progress.


In addition to being very accessible, this system also has the most rewarding enhancements for those able to unlock all levels offered. While this does appear too good to be true, there is a catch: the Core Memory system only applies to specific groups of fatecores, thus being limited to specific heroes.  


Core Memory available by fatecore theme


As mentioned earlier, the Core Memory enhancement system is limited to specific fatecores and is not available to all heroes in the game. The system is sorted by fatecore themes and provides upgrades to stats in combat power (CP), attack, HP, and defense. As the enhancements are based on fatecore fusion levels, this system obviously most benefits those that have summoned many duplicate fatecores.


However, it also benefits those that have only a single fatecore within a specific theme. This not only enhances one hero, but it also provides a significant stat upgrade to three heroes of a specific theme.


To access the Core Memory system, navigate to the fatecore menu from the Airship and you will find the new Core Memory option below the fatecore theme selection screen.


Core Memory is currently available for three heroes of a specific theme and you only need one hero to fully benefit from the stat enhancement!



Currently, not all fatecore themes are available for the Core Memory enhancement. Notably, the Awakening and Forgotten Memory themes are excluded. In addition, all blue fatecores are excluded as well; currently the only blue FC’s are Yao Baraka. The available themes and corresponding units available for Core Memory sharing are below:



Title Theme Heroes
Everyone's Lover Summer Party Iris, Scarlet, Degas
Celebrity  Summer Party Valentina, Glenn, Bernadette
Dragon's Adversary The First Guardians Zeon, Anastasia, Baileysh
Dragon's Guardian The First Guardians Rera, Magi, Ramge
Little Villains Banga Family Jinn, Adams, Hekin
Limit Unleashed Banga Family Tantalo, Luke, Morris
Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove The Reverse World Garff, Brook, Lyungen
Ship of Theseus The Reverse World Uloom, Bernavas, Valarr


Increase your hero's stats by making strong alliances or joining a strong air squadron


As an early game player with one or more of the fatecores above, one of your first priorities should be to reach the minimum requirements needed to Core Memory share. The focus on sharing is the key benefit of the Core Memory system, and also the only requirement. In order for a player to receive the first level of stat enhancements for their fatecore, one must make alliances with players that possess the other two fatecores in the respective theme.


For example, if you had a FC Valentina, you would only need to make alliances with other players that have FC Glenn and FC Bernadette to unlock the first level which increases stats by 5% each. This is a huge benefit for how easy it is to obtain, which is why I recommend making it a priority. In addition, sharing is not limited to one hero per player. One player can have all three fatecores and anyone allied with that player can benefit from their collection!


The Core Memory system is focused around sharing, make an alliance with a strong player and benefit from all their summon success!


In addition to sharing fatecores through alliances, this system will also allow you to share fatecores with fellow air squadron members to meet the requirements. Joining an active and strong air squadron should also be a priority for early game players to take advantage of the Core Memory system early.


As you can see from the image above, the requirements to unlock the second and third levels of the collection are more stringent. You will need to have an alliance with others that have fatecore fusions of level 3 and level 5 for all units to unlock each level. The requirement is high as the benefit reaching level 3 or level 5 fusions will provide a stat increase of 15% and max of 30%! This is substantial as this will help greatly in PVE content given CP is the basis of measurement for all stages and battles. This will help early game and F2P players progress much faster if they own the fatecores that are part of the Core Memory system.


Now that you have learned the benefits of sharing heroes through Core Memory, my biggest recommendation for new players is to join the Exos Heroes community Discord channel and Reddit to find others open to sharing their collection. You can also view Twitch streams to find others active in the community, including myself. Exos is much more enjoyable playing with others than riding solo, and the Core Memory system encourages it!

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