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SKT T1 Faker: "I'm already thinking of how to do well in the next match."


On March 2nd (KST), the air of Seoul OGN e-Stadium was filled with excitement, as the match between SK Telecom T1 and KT Rolster - also known as the 'Telecom Derby' - was about to take place. However, what happened over the next few hours has exceeded our expectations.

Just saying that SKT T1 defeated KT with a 2-1 record wouldn't do any justice for the match - it was one of the finest matches played between the two teams of the highest caliber.

Of course, it goes without saying that the match was full of memorable moments. The first game showed why Junsik "Bang" Bae is one of the best AD carry in the world, and the third game had Seunghoon "Huni" Heo's Rumble going off the chart for the damage dealt to champions.

However, the most impressive play of the match happened in the second game. As Faker's Shockwave allowed SKT T1 to score an ace against KT despite KT having a 10K-gold lead.

Here is our interview with the legend himself, Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee.


What a match. Tell us how you feel right now!

I'm content that we have won; I had nothing but victory on my mind when we prepared for today's match. However, I'm not really satisfied. It's only the regular season, and we have another match against KT on Sunday, so I'm already thinking of how to do well in the next match.

Both you and KT played exceptionally. Do you have any comments about KT's performance today?

In terms of macro, we both didn't make any glaring mistakes. However, I believe that we have made more mistakes during teamfights, so we'll have to work on that.

KT's jungler often had the initiative in the early game, so it must have been hard for you as a midlaner. How did you play through it?

All three games felt like we were lacking vision control around the midlane area. It must have been really hard for the jungler. I suggested that we just needed to take things slow because I felt that we were better in the laning phase. So I took the safer approach to allow our jungler to get back into the game.

Can you tell us why you decided to pick Zed in Game 3?

I just thought that Zed was a good pick against KT's composition. It definitely was not because KT picked Zed in Game 2. (Laughs) I thought that KT's composition was weak against Zed.

You chose to split-push KT's bottom inhibitor when KT was trying to break through the top inhibitor in Game 3. Can you tell us why?

I think they chose to push the toplane together because they couldn't stop our split push. While I thought I could destroy their inhibitor faster than they could, it didn't go as I thought. It wasn't a good call.

What do you think you could have done better today?

I think we were the better team overall, but both my laning and teamfights should have been better. I expected that I'd be harassed a lot, but I didn't expect that I wouldn't be able to play through it properly.

Your next match will be against KT Rolster again. Do you think you can win that match as well?

I'm not too sure at current state. I don't think we were at our full capacity today, so we all have to get back in proper shape to make sure that we can win that match.

Your next match will be played on Patch 7.4. Do you expect any significant changes?

Some champions might fall out of favor, but I don't see any new picks happening. I don't think there'll be much difference.

Your composition on the third game required a lot of coordination, but it didn't go as planned in the early game. Did you feel any pressure?

The composition had split-pushing on mind, but KT handled it so well that we had no choice but to do 5-on-5 teamfights. Fortunately, we were often positioned better than KT, so it wasn't too hard to win teamfights.

While we did have a rough start. I didn't feel much pressure because we still were stronger at teamfights in the early to mid game.

Again, congratulations on your win today. Do you have anything else to share?

I'm glad that we managed to show the fans a great match that lived up to the expectations. Personally, I'm flattered by all the attention.

However, I do regret that I have made several mistakes during teamfights today. So I'll make sure to do my best to play better in the next match.


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