Gen.G Ruler on CoreJJ wanting to meet Gen.G at Worlds: "I guess he wants to be eliminated early."


On the 9th (KST), Gen.G defeated T1 in the final round of the LCK Regional Qualifiers. With a set score of 3-0, not only did they get their revenge for the 0-3 loss in the LCK Spring finals, they now head to Worlds as the 3rd LCK Seed.


Due to the online format of the match, an online press conference was held via Discord to answer questions from the press. In this online press conference, the players from Gen.G shared their thoughts on the victory, and who all they hoped to face at Worlds.



(To Everyone) Congratulations! How do you all feel about becoming LCK’s 3rd seed for Worlds?

Rascal: This is my first time heading to Worlds as a starting member on a team. Truth be told, after the playoffs, I was feeling very down and struggled mentally, but everyone helped me out a lot, so I want to thank them.


Clid: Despite the 3-0 victory, the games themselves weren’t clean. While I’m not too satisfied with the series tonight, it still feels very good to be heading to Worlds.


Bdd: The loss against DRX affected my mental state very heavily, but I’m grateful that the coaching staff led all of us in the right direction.


Ruler: I just want to express my gratitude to my teammates and the coaching staff for all their hard work.


Life: There were a lot of hardships during the season, but we all overcame them and are now headed to Worlds, so I’m very grateful.


oDin (Interim Head Coach): I want to thank all my players for their hard work, and I feel very good.

(To oDin) From parting ways with former long-time head coach of the team, Edgar, losing to T1 0-3 in the Spring finals, and to being shut out by DRX in the Summer, there were a lot of hardships within the team. However, in the end, Gen.G now heads to Worlds, so there must be a lot of mixed feelings for you right now.


oDin: Definitely. Our original goal was to win the regular split, but we couldn’t achieve that goal. However, we now have a chance to win Worlds, so I’m very happy for the opportunity.

(To Life) You played Sett in game 1, Braum in game 2, and Sett again in game 3. Can you tell us what was your main objective in each game?


Life: I picked Sett because Sett wins the matchup against Nautilus. We had a team composition that outscaled the enemy’s team composition in game 2, so Braum was the choice to play safe and outscale. In game 3, I knew that they were feeling mentally pressured because of the set score being 2-0, so I just played my comfort pick.

(To Ruler) Is there a bot lane that you really want to face at Worlds?


Ruler: I really want to face TES’ bot lane.

(To Ruler) There were five marksman bans towards you. Did you expect such bans to come through? Did it prove to be a struggle? Also, can you tell us how you felt in facing the hyped rookie bot laner, Gumayusi?


Ruler: There are always a lot of target bans against me, so I somewhat expected it. However, because I’m confident in my champion pool, it really didn’t affect me. As for facing Gumayusi, I read a post on a community website, where Gumayusi stated on his stream that he had me all figured out. I guess he needs to put more time in analysing me.



(To oDin) How did you prepare for today’s draft?


oDin: We focused our bans around champions that are hard to deal with, and picked our champions situationally. I expected five marksman bans to come through, but Ruler’s good at all the marksman champions.

(To Bdd) Who is the player that’s the biggest adversary for you at Worlds?


Bdd: I believe that no single team is going to be a pushover at Worlds. I’m very excited to face TES Knight and learn from playing against him.

(To Rascal) Your form looked very good today. How do you rate yourself out of 10, and why?


Rascal: I’ll give myself an 8/10 because I did get caught out a few times in the series.

(To Clid) In game 3, you built Mikael’s Crucible right after your jungle item, despite being ahead. Can you tell us the reason why?


Clid: Against Lillia, I thought that it would come in handy to cleanse her CC via her ultimate. While it seemed good in theory, there weren’t many instances in game 3 where I actually had to use the item.

(To Clid) In recent days, Shen jungle has been picked quite a bit in the LEC and the LCS. What are your thoughts on Shen?


Clid: I’m actually practicing him in solo queue as well. I think it’ll be a good pocket pick, depending on what the enemy ends up drafting.

(To Ruler) During the draft phase in game 3, you hovered Aphelios and Tristana, seemingly contemplating the two champions. Can you tell us why you ended up drafting Aphelios?


Ruler: I wasn’t actually thinking of playing Tristana (laughter). I was actually thinking of playing Aphelios or Miss Fortune, and even wanted to personally play Vayne.


oDin: I have complete faith in Ruler, so even if he picked Vayne, it would’ve been fine.

(To everyone) Can you tell us which team or player you’d like to face at Worlds?


Rascal: The only team we lost to at MSC was TES. I want my revenge.


Clid: I also want to face JDG. I think it’ll be fun to go against the best of the LPL.


Bdd: I think they’re all very good, so I don’t really have a particular team in mind.


Ruler: I haven’t really thought about it as well, but I think our biggest adversaries would be TES.


Life: I want to face JDG’s bot lane, LokeN/LvMao. I’m actually good friends with them, and we gave each other a lot of in-game advice, so I’m excited to face them.


oDin: Team Liquid. I want to meet CoreJJ.



(To Ruler) CoreJJ from Team Liquid stated in an interview, “If I go to Worlds, I want to face Gen.G’s bot lane, whom I currently believe to be the best in the world.” Is there anything you’d like to say to CoreJJ?


Ruler: I guess he wants to be eliminated early (laughter).

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