T1 Ellim: "I really wanted to get revenge against Afreeca Freecs."


On September 8, T1 defeated Afreeca Freecs in the LCK Regional Qualifiers and advanced to meet Gen.G for the Worlds ticket. After the match, surprise jungle starter Choi “Ellim” El-lim joined Inven for an interview.



Congrats on the win. How do you feel?


We lost to them in the last playoffs. I really wanted to get revenge against Afreeca Freecs and I’m very happy that we succeeded.

It was the first time you played in a game outside of the regular season. It was especially important as it was the Regional Qualifiers. Weren’t you nervous?


I thought I wouldn’t be nervous at all since I had played in some matches, but since it was an extremely important match, I was a bit nervous. I think I only showed about 70% of my usual performance.

How would you rate yourself for today?


I would say 7 out of 10. Due to nervousness, I played too passively in games 1 and 2 in situations where I could have been more active due.

How was the feedback after losing game 2?


There were many points in the game where we should have won. The feedback was that if we were able to do just one of those things, we would have won. Then, we just focused on the next game.

What do you think T1’s strength is when you and Gumayusi play?


Gumayusi likes to play aggressively and I like to gank. We often pick up kills in the early game. Today was the same and we planned for early kills after checking all the champions.

You’ll be playing against Gen.G to decide who goes to Worlds. What do you expect from the match?


If we just win the match tomorrow, we're really going to Worlds. I’ll give my all so that we can win.

Any last comments?


I’d like to thank the fans who always cheer for us. I’ll do my best to make good results so that we can repay you for the support.

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