T1 Faker: "Nothing matters unless you win the last match of the regional qualifiers."

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On September 8, T1 defeated Afreeca Freecs 3-1 in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Regional Qualifiers. To most fans’ surprise, T1 started Choi “Ellim” El-lim in the jungle and Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong in bot lane. After the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Gumayusi were interviewed by the casters’ desk.



How do you feel about today’s victory?


Faker: Nothing matters unless you win the last match of the regional qualifiers. Today’s win was just a step towards tomorrow’s finals.


Gumayusi: I’m worried about tomorrow.

The fans were really interested in today’s match since it made your debut. How would you rate your performance today?


Gumayusi: I played well defensively in games 1, 3, and 4. If I played better aggressively in game 2, blowing up the opponents, fans would’ve liked it but it’s regretful that I wasn’t able to.

Did you know Gumayusi became the most searched keyword on Naver?


Gumayusi: I didn’t know that, but I thought it might happen.

You played Draven for your debut. Weren’t you nervous?


Gumayusi: I was confident in playing Draven. It’s unfortunate that I lost.

You would have practiced a lot, but wasn’t there any pressure playing with a completely new lineup?


Faker: I've played with new players a lot, so I was used to the situation. There wasn’t any pressure. The new players did well, so we were able to play well.

You played Galio, Zoe, and Sylas. The opponents banned many of your signature champions, yet you still performed well. Did things go as practiced?


Faker: I can play any champion if the situation comes — not just today, but any time. It’s not much different from before. Today, our compositions were quite good. The synergy between the players was also really good, so we were able to get good results today.

(To Gumayusi) When Faker was dodging Karthus’ skillshots in the last game, did you think Faker would survive?


Gumayusi: I thought Faker wanted to boast his movement. [Laughs] I didn’t doubt he would survive. If he had used Flash, it would have been easier, but I got to think that he’s a person that can just get out of that through his footwork.

Did your brother, INnoVation, say anything to you about your debut? [ Gumayusi is the younger brother of  StarCraft player, Lee "INnoVation" Sin-hyung — Ed.]


Gumayusi: He didn’t say anything. I’m not even sure that he watched the game. He probably did but I guess he just has faith in me.

Faker. you played aggressively today, and that's something that foreign fans specifically enjoy a lot. Did you intend to play more aggressively today?


Faker: I don’t have specific intentions when I play. I just play according to the situation. There were many situations where I could play aggressively, so I did.

In the last match after Gumayusi stole the pentakill from Canna, Canna was silent for a one and a half minutes. Did he say anything to you afterward?


Gumayusi: Is that so? I feel sorry. [laughs]

What do you think about tomorrow's match?


Gumayusi: Ruler and Life are players that I’m afraid of. I hope they go easy on me.


Faker: Tomorrow’s match is the one that decides who goes to Worlds, so I’ll do my best of best for good results. 

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